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OTHER PEOPLE & More Set for NewFilmmakers Documentary Series, 6/12

On Wednesday, June 12th, NewFilmmakers presents it Documentary Series, two Short Film Programs, and the feature OTHER PEOPLE.

6:00 PM Documentary Series

Dustin Waldman VIRAL (2011, 13 minutes)

With YouTube event Playlist Live as the backdrop, ethnographer Dr. Michael Wesch, event organizer Kevin Khandjian and various members of the YouTube community discuss the changing nature of media, celebrity and human connection.

Alcides Soares MOZAMBIQUE (2009, 14 minutes)
Alcides Soares is a sixteen-year-old AIDS orphan, one of half a million living in Mozambique today. An American television writer (Neal Baer) and movie director (Chris Zalla) gave Alcides a movie camera and taught him how to shoot.

6:30 PM First Short Film Program

Nathan Maulorico LOATHSOME MALADY (2012, 5 minutes) 'To cease to admire is a proof of deterioration.' - Charles Horton Cooley

Karen Belfo SALDANI'S ENIGMA (2012, 5 minutes)
Saldani's enigma is her own reflection. She looks at herself in the mirror and sees an exterior and interior self, but which one wishes to explode and be free?
ANIL DOGAN BORDER (2012, 6 minutes
Border is about a young man who is waiting for his same day HIV test results. During the time he spends in the doctor's office, He finds himself in a journey of self-questioning, obsession, and search for salvation.

Sean Mannion ABEL AND CAIN (2012, 11 minutes)

Abel and Cain is a ten minute experimental science-fiction horror film about Abel, a young writer suffering from a lack of inspiration and the internal journey he goes on to find it.

Ken Yoshioka A WEEK (2012, 26 minutes)

This film is inspired by earthquake in 2011 in Japan. The story is about the father who lost a half of his family because of an accident. After that, he tries to go one step forward and start his new life with his daughter.

7:40 PM Second Short Film Program

Augustin Doublet ADAM (2012, 27 minutes, VIDEO)
Peter Valente 21ST CENTURY BARD (2012, 14 minutes, VIDEO)
Garette Henson SHADES OF YELLOW (2012, 7 minutes)

A young man haunted by the death of his mother must now preserve her apartment just as she kept it.

E Lee Smith THUNDERBIRD'S NEST (2012, 11 minutes) 'Thunderbird's Nest' is a short narrative video which takes place in the Inland Empire: the bastard child of the Southern California landscape.The film explores one day in the life of Paul Keith and his discovery of a poor man's portal in his backyard.

Katie Breidenbach IN QUIETNESS & CONFIDENCE (2012, 6 min) As Reina faces loneliness and opposition, she discovers she may not be alone.

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