Fabienne Guyon, 1980 Original French Cast

Rebecca Caine, 1985 London Musical

Judy Kuhn, 1987 Broadway Musical and 10th Anniversary Concert

Kymberley Huffman, 1989 Original Canadian Cast

Eden Riegel, New York Cast

Chelsea Matthews, 1997 San Francisco

Marie Zamora, 1991 Paris Revival

Luisa Torres, 1992 Original Spanish Cast

Sara Sarres, 2001 Brazil Cast

Ali Ewoldt, 2006 Broadway Revival

Myriam Brousseau, 2008 Québec City Production

Leanne Dobison, Queen's Theatre 2008-2009

Michele Maika, 2008 Hollywood Bowl Concert

Camilla Kerslake, September 2010, Queen's Theatre, London

Katie Hall, 2009 West End Production, 25th Anniversary Concert and 25th Anniversary International UK Tour

Lucie Jones, 2010 West End Production

Jenny Latimer, Current 25 Anniversary US Tour 2011

Lisa-Anne Wood, Queen's Theatre, London, 2011

Samantha Dorsey, Queen's Theatre, London, 2012

Talía del Val, Current Spanish 25th Anniversary Production Cast

About Cosette:

Raised by The Thenardiers at their Inn in Montfermeil, Cosette grows up in an abusive environment and dreams of a better life ("Castle on a Cloud").

Found by Valjean, whose promise to Fantine drives him to pay off The Thenardiers so he can claim the child, they flee and settle into a new life in Paris under new identities.

Now grown, Cosette bumps into the young student, Marius Pontmercy, on the street and immediately falls in love ("A Heart full of Love") - much to the dismay of Valjean who plans their exile.

Cosette reunites with Marius after the bloody battle at the barricades ("Every Day") vowing their love for one another.

Shortly after their wedding, Cosette and Marius find Valjean on his deathbed where Cosette finally learns the truth of his identity.

About Amanda: Amanda made her film debut in the 2004 comedy Mean Girls. Her subsequent supporting roles were in independent films, such as Nine Lives (2005) and Alpha Dog (2006). She also had a recurring role in the UPN TV show Veronica Mars (2004-2006). Between 2006 and 2011, she was on HBO's series Big Love. After that, Seyfried appeared in her breakthrough role in the 2008 musical feature film Mamma Mia!. Other appearances include leading roles in Jennifer's Body (2009), Chloe (2009), Dear John (2010), Letters to Juliet (2010), Red Riding Hood (2011), In Time (2011) and Gone (2012)


Castle on a Cloud

The eight-year-old Cosette works at the Thénardiers' inn in Montfermeil. She is heavily abused and is forced to scrub the floors. Cosette sings of her dreams of heaven, comparing it to a "castle on a cloud", in which there are no floors to clean, nobody shouting and in which there is a lady in white (possibly her mother). She is quickly interrupted by Mme. Thénardier who catches her "pretending to be so awfully good." She then orders Cosette to fetch a bucket of water from the well in the woods. She taunts her, regretting ever taking her and comparing her to her own daughter, Éponine. As soon as Éponine appears, Mme. Thénardier immediately dotes on her and praises her. While she does this, Éponine points to Cosette to indicate to her mother that Cosette did not leave. Mme. Thénardier once again angrily orders Cosette to retrieve the water. Cosette begs Mme. Thénardier not to send her out in the darkness alone, but then reluctantly and frightingly complies when Mme. Thénardier threatens to her that she will "forget to be nice".

LES MISERABLES Character Card: COSETTEThe Bargain / The Waltz of Treachery

Jean Valjean finds Cosette in the woods and brings her back to the Thénardiers' inn. Valjean informs the Thénardiers that her mother Fantine is dead and offers to take Cosette to his care. Valjean pays Fantine's debt but the Thénardiers try to force money from Valjean, insisting that they loved her as if she was their daughter, that they have had to pay for expensive medicines for Cosette's repeated illnesses and that Valjean has bad intentions. They finally let Cosette go after Valjean pays them 1500 francs. Valjean assures Cosette of her dreams (expressed in Castle on a Cloud) and gives her a doll, which overjoys her. They leave for Paris.

The Robbery / Javert's Intervention (silent)

Nine years have passed and Cosette lives with Valjean in Paris. When they arrive for a charitable visit on the street, she accidentally bumps into a revolutionary student, Marius, of whom she immediately falls in love with and vice versa. Meanwhile, they encounter Thénardier, who recognizes Valjean and assaults him with his gang. However, just as they reveal the brand upon his chest, Éponine yells out that Javert is arriving. Javert appears and not recognizing Valjean, assures him that Thénardier will be punished. Valjean, on the other hand, recognizes Javert immediately and runs off with Cosette.

Rue Plumet / In My Life

On the garden of their residence at 55 Rue Plumet, Cosette recalls the encounter earlier that day with Marius, asking herself "Can people really fall in love so fast?" Valjean comes out and remarks on Cosette's loneliness. Cosette tries to ask Valjean of the faint memory of her early life with the Thénardiers (whom she does not seem to remember) and why she and Valjean always keep to themselves, insisting that she is no longer a child. Valjean, however, refuses to tell her anything, insisting that "it is a time that is dead" and that "truth is given by God to us all in our time" and leaves. Before his exit, Cosette expresses her general unease with her situation. Outside the garden, Marius, having found her residence with the help of Éponine, prepares to enter. He estatically sings "Éponine, you're the friend who has brought me here! Thanks to you, I am one with the gods and Heaven is near!" to Éponine's chagrin.

A Heart Full of Love LES MISERABLES Character Card: COSETTE

Marius enters the garden and shows himself to Cosette. He realizes his foolishness as he does not even know her name. However, Cosette follows suit and soon they are assured of their love and sing of it together with Marius singing that he is "lost" and Cosette singing that she is "found." Unbeknownst to them, they are also interjected by Éponine, who is also in love with Marius and is devastated by their love. Cosette and Marius end off joyfully singing that it is "not a dream after all" and they kiss.

The Attack on Rue Plumet

Shortly afterwards, M. Thénardier and his gang attempt to rob Valjean. Éponine, wanting to save Marius, tries to assure her father that Valjean is not worth robbing, to no avail. Seeing no other choice, she screams, sending her father and the gang to the sewers, and escapes with Marius. Valjean appears, hearing a cry in the dark and the sound of angry voices. Cosette, for the first time in her life, lies to him, telling him that she had screamed after seeing three men, who fled after her scream. Valjean immediately assumes them to be Javert and that he has found their trail. He tells Cosette that they are to leave the next day across the sea. *In the book, Cosette lied numerous times as a child to avoid beatings by the Thénardiers.

One Day More

As with all the other characters, Cosette sings with Marius anticipating how they could live when they are parted and are saddened by the fact that they are to be separated, insisting that they cannot go on without each other.

Every Day

Cosette does not appear again until after the barricades fall. She helps Marius recover, being the only survivor of the revolution and who had been brought to her by Valjean. She comforts him, reminding him of the night at Rue Plumet.

LES MISERABLES Character Card: COSETTEWedding Chorale (silent)

The guests sing in jubilation as Cosette and Marius are married. They waltz in celebration, but Marius is confronted by the Thénardiers, who blackmail him with information about Valjean. They show him a ring, supposedly stolen by Valjean, which turns out to be Marius' ring. Realizing that Valjean was the one that saved him from the barricades, Marius punches Thénardier and leaves with Cosette to find Valjean.

Valjean's Death

Marius and Cosette find Valjean on his deathbed, who is jubilant to see them. Marius apologizes to Valjean for not thanking him for bringing him back from the barricade, but they are too late to save Valjean from death. Valjean, comforted that he can "die in peace" with Cosette and Marius at his side, writes his last confession, the story of Fantine and Cosette's life. Cosette passionately insists her father will live and that it's "too soon to say goodbye" She and Marius make peace with Valjean and accept the facts, and Valjean dies.


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