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Karen Olivo Doesn't Plan to Return to Broadway; Says the Industry is 'Steeped in White Supremacy'

Olivo also discusses Scott Rudin, and says they have been a victim of assault.

Karen Olivo Doesn't Plan to Return to Broadway; Says the Industry is 'Steeped in White Supremacy'

Karen Olivo talked with FOX 5 NY after her recent Instagram video, revealing that she will not be returning to Moulin Rouge! on Broadway when it reopens.

"Social justice is more important than being the sparkling diamond," Olivo said in the video. "Building a better industry is more important than putting money in my pockets. The silence about Scott Rudin... unacceptable."

They went on to say, "I want a theatre industry that matches my integrity."

In their conversation with FOX 5, Olivo said they believe the industry is "steeped in white supremacy" and values profits over people.

Olivo was asked if she personally had stories related to Rudin, which she declined to respond, but she did say she's been the victim of assault.

"I think it's probably important for context -- I understand what it's like to be a survivor," they said. "I understand what it's like to be erased or have your trauma erased."

Additionally, Olivo said they believe that Broadway is too capitalistic overall.

"We are rushing to open [Broadway theatres] again because of profits," they said. "And when we look at profits then the people who have to make those profits for you become very vulnerable."

Finally, Olivo said she doesn't believe she'll be returning to Broadway as it is now, saying, "I just know for myself, I want to sleep at night."

Watch Olivo's full Instagram video here and read the full story on FOX 5.

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