IDOL WATCH: Las Vegas Week

IDOL WATCH: Las Vegas Week

Tonight 10 guys took the stage for one last time to impress the judges. By the end of the night only 5 guys will move onto next week. They will join the 5 girls that were named last night.

First up is Paul Jolly from Tennessee. With the recent passing of his grandfather, Paul really brought it with a touching performance of a song by Keith Urban. Of course Mr. Urban loved it as did Randy. Mariah gave the same sentiments as Randy.

Next was Johnny who immediatly caught the eye of Nicki during his initial audition. Singing I Won't Give Up, Johnny's performance was just ok. Nothing spectacular, but I think that he will move on because of his good looks and charm.

Jda, who auditioned in Chicago, chose to sang Rumor Has It by Adele. He really reminds me a lot of past contestant Adam Lambert with his ability to make any song a more rocky song. Jda has a lot of Gaga like qualities and I think he will go far. The judges agree comending him on his originality.

Chris Watson was the next one to try to win his spot in the top 10. The Prince inspired singer's performance was pretty good. He sang Dock of the Bay and although his vocals were not the best, his stage presence was in top form.

Elijah who's goal is to simply entertain gave a mediocre vocal performance. There were no surprises or anything noteworthy about the performance. No matter what happens I think he will go far and he will definitely be popular among teen girls.

Charlie, who has been a pleasant surprise since the beginning, sang Rocket Man by Elton John. He did so beautifully. Charlie is my favorite so far this season and the judges loved him. I think the oddball of the group will continue on.

Curtis was the last one up. He has been blowing the judges away every week and this week was no different. He chose to sing Luther Vandross and he brought the house down with a spectacular performance.

Then came the moment everyone was waiting for. The judges deliberated and Curtis is the first one to see one more week. Jimmy was unfortunately the first one cut followed by Kevin. Elijah was the next lucky one to move on. Jda was sent home while Paul gets to stay. Chris was next and will we won't be seeing him anymore. On the other hand, Charlie will be moving on.

The final contestant moving on is Devin which sends Johnny home. Watch American Idol next week when the remainer of the contestants fight to move into the top 20.

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