Glee-Cap: Tina in The Sky With Diamonds.

How's it feel, Gleeks? Having Glee back in your life? You feeling all the Beatles love, love, love from last week? Because, the Gleetlemania continues this week - Nah, nah, nah, nah - Hey Glee! Its Prom time at McKinley, because you know, Proms happen in October everywhere, yeah? Who will be crowned king and queen of the McKinley heap? Keep calm, Gleeks, and let it be!

Sam laments about his lack of love to newly engaged Blaine, as the New Directions move into the experimental period of the Beatles category. The prom court nominations are announced with Tina, Artie, Kitty, and Blaine being nominated for queen and king respectively, leaving Sam confused as to why he's not included. Tina lets the nomination go to her head, but is - as per usual, ignored and dismissed as she attempts to perform "Revolution". Santana books a commercial for a yeast infection medication, but the normally envious Rachel is too distracted by her lack of phone call from the producers of Funny Girl to really get upset. Kitty is cornered by Bree and the Cheerios and demanded to put up a fight for queen or risk being bumped down the social ladder, while Sam laments about being dumped by Tina as her prom date for not being nominated as king. Sue demands the student body all get vaccinated, beginning with the glee club, while Kurt attempts to get Rachel's mojo back with a performance of "Get Back".

Sam meets the new trainee student nurse, Penny (Phoebe Strole) and seems to be a little love sick, while Tina freaks out when Kitty launches a campaign for queen, but Kitty is just as confused herself. Santana bonds with co-worker Dani (Demi Lovato) and the sparks begin to fly, but Santana is freaking out much to Rachel's amusement. Artie and Blaine confront Sam on his obvious crush on Penny, and give him a little pep talk to channel his crush into the Beatles mantra, which he does with a performance of "Something".

Sue fires Penny for incompetence, but Sam is willing to take the bullet (or shot) to prove to Sue that she is a good nurse, and succeeds. Score one for Trouty Mouth! Bree confronts Dottie and offers her the chance to be on the Cheerios, which Dottie jumps at the chance to do. Rachel, with her mojo in check, is audition crazed and plays a little Jewish matchmaker, as Dani and Santana watch the sunrise with a little "Here Comes the Sun" for added cuteness. What better way to end a graveyard shift than walking your new lady friend home with a little tune, and ending with a sweet lady kiss. Team Dantana, y'all!

Its Prom night and the newbies (Marley, Jake, Ryder, and Unique) take on "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" as Tina reigns in her court of single ladies, and Penny figures out that Sam is the reason she still has a job, and their cuteness explodes. Sam convinces Penny to dance with him, while Bree makes sure the plan to Carrie slushie Tina is in place, while Dottie panics and spazzes, but Bree isn't having it. The prom royalty is announced, and Tina is queen of the Prom with Stoner Brett as her king. Tina cherishes the moment, as Kitty figures out Bree's plan, but is too late to stop the Carrie slushie facial from happening. Tina escapes the stage humiliated, as the New Directions rush to her rescue, while Stoner Brett gets whacked in the head by the bucket. Gee, where have I seen this before? Doesn't anybody get it right? A little Carrie: The Musical for you, folks. At least no one died.

Tina is visually upset, but the New Directions try and get her to own the night, her night. And what better way to do that then with the Beatles classic "Hey Jude" and a little clean up. Tina returns to the prom, victorious and ready to own the night, with the New Directions by her side. Roz brings Bree to Principal Sue for punishment for the incident at Prom, but Roz and Bree are shocked when Sue promotes Bree to captain of the Cheerios and instructs her to create a plan to destroy the glee club. Kurt joins the fun at the faux Ellen's Stardust Diner, and the former divas of New Directions make a pact to remain in New York for two years no matter what - success or no success. Rachel is shocked when the director of Funny Girl shows up, and gives her the best of news - she is Broadway's new Fanny Brice. Rachel, Dani, Santana, and Kurt celebrate Rachel's good news while in Ohio the New Directions conclude the two week Beatles week with "Let It Be".

Rachel's Broadway dreams have come true, and the Beatles gave us a lot of love to spread in these past two weeks. Next week, I can honestly say will be one of the hardest episodes for me personally to recap and watch, as the New Directions (and we, the Gleeks) learn the hardest word to ever say - goodbye. Until next week, Gleeks - let it be.

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