Glee-Cap: Glease.

Glee-Cap: Glease.

It's Gleek Lightning, baby! Do you have the chills? I hear they might be able to multiply!  Time for what will be an gleektifiying performance of Grease! Grab your poodle skirts and leather jackets, Gleeks! It's so on like Donkey Kong!

Will tells the glee club about his sabbatical and the news does not sit well with Tina or many of the glee clubbers upon finding out that Finn will be his temporary replacement. Talk about understudy problems, right? Marley's costume for Sandy begins to seem far too small, due to Kitty making some alterations and making Marley feel concerned about her body, leading to her to turn to her mom who gives her the love and support she's known for. Finn attempts to fix things with Sue, but she's not having it due to his comment about her baby's disability,  thus beginning Sue's battle to take down Grease and Finn. With Sue having booked the auditorium, Finn brings the boys to Hummel Tires and Lube to rehearse "Grease Lightning" allowing the boys to get a "method" approach to their roles. Rachel has landed an audition with a very hip new director and turns to Brody to help her, but Cassandra attempts to sway Rachel away, but Rachel isn't listening to her fiercely bitter dance teacher, thus prompting Cassandra to plot to pursue Brody.

The girls get together at Kitty's for a sleepover, during which Kitty pushes Marley to binge and purge and then takes to the Grease-route of making fun of her via Rizzo's ode to mockery of Sandy – "Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee". After Unique's parents are tipped off to her role as Rizzo by Sue, they decide to pull Unique out of the show, leading to Finn asking Santana to be the last minute replacement. Kurt rehearses with Rachel and pushes the issue of going to see McKinley's production of Grease to give himself some sort of closure with Blaine, and once Cassandra offers her frequent flier miles (both to further her plans with Brody and to get Rachel out of the way), Hummelberry is Ohio bound and down!

Awkwardness sets in when Kurt, Blaine, Finn, and Rachel meet for the first time since their break ups, the emotions hang in the air as Blaine takes to the stage with his big number – "Beauty School Drop Out", but it's clear where Blaine's thoughts and heart are, and Kurt can sense it. Ryder finds Marley trying to purge and stops her from doing so, leading to Marley to realize she just might have a thing for the new guy – but where does that leave things with Jake? In typical Sandy style, Marley turns to song with the reprise of "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee".

Santana preps to take the stage while Brittany gives her a few things to think about while she performs "There Are Worse Things I Could Do" while Unique laments her chance in the spotlight and Cassandra seduces Brody. Mike approaches Tina in hopes of discussing the possibility of getting back together, but Tina seems content with how she is now, but is open to the discussion of it. While watching Ryder and Marley perform "You're The One That I Want", Rachel fantasies herself as Sandy to Finn's Danny while the ensemble is rounded out by the other broken up couples – Kurt/Blaine, Santana/Brittany, and Mike/Tina, this all leads to Rachel needing someone to lean on, but when she calls Brody, Cassandra answers and things come clear as Cassandra taunts Rachel leaving Rachel broken up and hurt.

Rachel runs into Finn in the hallway, leading to the choice to cut off contact, something that seems to follow suit when Kurt cuts Blaine off and doesn't want to hear anything he has to say. Both Kurt and Rachel agree – Ohio and McKinley don't feel like home anymore, and maybe their choice to come was a terrible one. Will soaks in the glory from a Grease success before handing the reigns over to Finn, the journey onward and upward begins now.

Those summer days and nights have come and gone, and the summer dreams are ripped at the seams – will hearts be fixed? Will those summer days and night come back? Well, you know what they say – Grease is the word.  Are you ready to get super? It's a battle of good vs. evil! New Directions vs. the Dalton Academy Warblers! Who will win out? Will a certain former Warbler's loyalty be swayed? Grab your capes, cape crusaders! It's up, up, and away!

Until then,  League of Super Gleeky Friends!

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