Glee-Cap: Britney 2.0

Glee-Cap: Britney 2.0

Oops.. Glee is doing it again, Gleeks! No, not another Madonna tribute, but you know – tick, tock. Nope, it's Britney, bitch. So, go ahead – Glee – hit us one more time!

Brittany has totally lost her way after being kicked off the Cheerios for being a bad role model for her fellow Cheerios, despite her performance of a song by her idol, Ms. Britney Spears. After a meeting with Miss Pillsbury and Brittany, Mr. Schuester decides to stage a second Britney week – it's Britney 2.0, bitches. Blaine and Artie launch Britney week with a mash up of Britney's "Boys" with Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" which seems to light a fire under Brittany's booty. Meanwhile, Rachel is still not getting any respect from Cassandra, but she and Kurt have found their own little apartment and are planning big things including Kurt auditioning for NYADA during the second semester and applying for an internship at Kurt informs Rachel about a little secret that Cassandra has been hiding – her Broadway breakdown a la Patti LuPone during a pre-Broadway engagement of Damn Yankees causing her to be deemed 'Crazy July' and a huge reputation causing her career to stall.

Meanwhile at McKinley, the kids get into Britney 2.0 with a performance of "3" while Unique tries to shine some light on Jake's womanizing ways to Marley using Britney's 'Womanizer'. Rachel turns to Brody for help in dance class, while the glee club tries to figure out a way to help Brittany out of her shame spiral as she goes on the rampage in the hallways of McKinley. On the bleachers, Jake and Marley blend the classic Britney song "You Drive Me Crazy" with a little twist of Aerosmith's 'Crazy', while the sparks fly between them. The glee club calls Brittany to a meeting about letting her be the lead for the upcoming pep rally performance, but Brittany wants to lip sync the performance, a choice that does not go over well with the glee club. At NYADA, Rachel takes to the floor with a version of 'Oops.. I Did It Again' that doesn't even register of Cassandra's radar, but Rachel throws Cassandra for a loop with a mention of her past, before Cassandra tosses Ms. Berry out of her class.

At McKinley, Puckerman meets Puckerman as Puck returns to give his half brother a dose of reality on what truly matters urging him to join glee club to prove what kind of man he really is. The pep rally goes over like a huge lead balloon as Brittany lip syncs her way through 'Gimmie More' and such a performance could spell disaster for the glee club if the National Show Choir committee catches wind of it and bars them from competition. After the performance debacle, Brittany resigns from glee club, while at NYADA, Rachel and Cassandra share the briefest moment of connection, but Scwhimmer Berry is still on Cassandra's list.

After a meeting with Sam, Brittany decides to turn things around and even gets Sue to allow her back on the Cheerios. In New York, Rachel and Brody click, but Rachel freaks out due to missing Finn, and pushes an eager Brody away, but he isn't giving up. Jake decides to join glee club, but Kitty rains on Marley's parade by announcing she's dating Jake, leaving Marley to put her feelings into the Britney ballad 'Everytime' while Brittany deals with her missing Santana and Rachel considers moving on from Finn.

So, Gleeks – do you think Britney would give this episode a yes on the X Factor? Not sure, but next week – election fever hits McKinley High and Carrie Bradshaw herself makes the scene and may be wearing a little devilish Prada for Kurt.

That's all. 

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