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GLEE-CAP: I Am Unicorn

A lot is happening this week, Gleeks! Secrets! Returns! Unicorns! Yes,  Gleeks - unicorns! Sit back and take this magical journey to all things Glee!

Brittany decides she wants to be involved with Kurt's campaign for president, and offers her services to Kurt, explaining to him that he is a unicorn and unicorns are special.  Mr. Schuester explains to the glee club kids that he'll be unable to direct the school musical, West Side Story, this year - so he has passed on the job to Emma and Coach Bieste, with student assistance by Artie. Shelby Corcoran returns to Lima as a new glee club director, brought in by Sugar's father to make his little girl a star.  Quinn continues her downward spiral - but Sue decides to use this to her advantage and to help her campaign for congressional seat. Shelby reaches out to Quinn and Puck about being a part of Beth's life, but Quinn refuses to clean up her act or listen to Shelby's comments.

Brittany presents her ideas for Kurt's campaign to Kurt, who is less than thrilled by her overly gay ideas, wanting something much more middle of the road and less over the top. At "Booty Camp", a dance camp put together by Will and Mike, talk turns to the musical - Kurt and Blaine discuss their audition songs, while Kurt seems worried Blaine could perhaps take the lead.  Rachel, in the midst of rehearsing for her West Side Story audition, has a moment with Shelby - who talks her into performing "Somewhere".

Sue's video about Quinn's life turns into a heated confrontation between Quinn and Mr. Schuester. Meanwhile, Puck shows up at Shelby's house, attempting to be a part of Beth's life - experiencing the little girl he and Quinn gave away.

Kurt performs "I'm The Greatest Star" from Funny Girl for his West Side Story audition, wowing Emma, Bieste, and Emma. Puck attempts to convince Quinn to focus on being a part of Beth's life, but Quinn isn't pleased.  Kurt listens in as the directors discuss the auditions - their words a mix of compliments and some shockingly harsh realities. Kurt runs into Brittany and Santana putting up the overly gay posters, ripping into Brittany for doing so - leaving Santana there to pick up the pieces, declaring Brittany to be a unicorn, too. Kurt asks Rachel to help him audition with a scene from Romeo and Juliet, which only causes the directors to laugh, embarrassing Kurt even further. Quinn comes to Shelby, and gets a glimpse at the family she could have if she cleans up her act.

Kurt visits his dad's shop and Burt puts a few things into perspective, while Rachel and Finn discuss the future. At Booty Camp, with a little help from Mr. Schuester, Finn nails a combination, before Quinn shows up, back to normal and ready to win Beth back into her life.

Will attempts to toss Quinn's return to glee club in Sue's face, but Sue reveals she's currently in first place in her race for congressional seat, thus prompting Will, Sue, and Bieste to plot to find someone to run against her. Kurt, after talking to his dad, decides to embrace his unicorn-self and uses Brittany's posters - only to find out Brittany will be running against him. Blaine auditions for West Side Story with "Something's Coming" - but only has signed up to audition for minor roles, only to be put in a position to audition for Tony - against Kurt. Kurt witnesses the moment, and lingers as Blaine ponders.

So, unicorns - I mean, Gleeks - this week was quite something, huh? Good night, good night. Sleep well, and when you dream - dream of Glee. 


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