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Exclusive Podcast: Half Hour Call w/ Chris King Welcomes Magician Dan White

Exclusive Podcast: Half Hour Call w/ Chris King Welcomes Magician Dan WhiteToday's guest Dan White and I talk about how he got his start. We dive into techniques and the differences between networking versus making friends. There are also some great stories from early in his career, up until today. Dan and his team have been putting together some great things so far and can't wait to see what's next!

Dan White is a magician, creator, consultant, and performer. Over the past 20 years, he's created magic on stage and screen around the world. Dan was featured on the Discovery Channel special The Supernaturalist and White Magic on the Travel Channel.

Specializing in close up magic and mentalism, Dan has been refining his craft since the age of nine. With his Fine Arts background, he adds a new dimension to the art of conjuring, bringing mystery, elegance, and sophistication to each of his performances.

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About Half Hour Call with Chris KingExclusive Podcast: Half Hour Call w/ Chris King Welcomes Magician Dan White

Chris King is an artist with a background in dancing and acting. He has performed in many commercials, TV, film, and was recently Chistery in WICKED on Broadway. While touring and traveling, he has spent time in over 35 countries and five continents. He loves chatting and getting to know new people.

"This podcast is for people to get to know more about the daily lives of everyone involved in live stage. I was trying to find one common thread that has all aspects of live performance. My fiancé suggested the "half hour call," we all receive from stage management before a performance and I loved it!

We will be having conversations with directors, choreographers, actors, musicians, crew and so much more. Everything from life in the business to daily routines that keep our bodies and minds in shape for 8 shows a week! I hope you have as much fun as I did in hearing everyone's stories!"

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