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Exclusive Behind the Scenes of 'A Broadwaysted Carol Channing' Starring Cerveris, Margherita, Leung, Ushkowitz, and More

Exclusive Behind the Scenes of 'A Broadwaysted Carol Channing' Starring Cerveris, Margherita, Leung, Ushkowitz, and MorePart One of A Broadwaysted Carol Channing premiered this week on the Broadwaysted Podcast and BroadwayWorld got an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the creation of their second radio play.

Written by Kevin Jaeger and featuring the Broadwaysted Crew with an All-Star cast of Friends of the Show, this spoof on the classic Dickens tale hopes to entertain and raise money for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

Part Two of A Broadwaysted Carol Channing premieres Tuesday, December 12th! To join the Broadwaysted Crew's campaign to support Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS this holiday season, visit www.donate.broadwaycares.org/Broadwaysted

Cast (in Order of Appearance)

Mail Man.....Andrew Briedis
Bobby Cratchit.....Caesar Samayoa
Scrooge.....Michael Cerveris
BC/EFA Volunteers.....Mo Brady & Nikka Graff Lanzarone
Fred.....Jenna Ushkowitz
Co-op Board Voicemail.....Jay Schmidt
Charlie.....Jay Armstrong Johnson
Caroler.....Telly Leung
Toast of Broadway Past.....Lesli Margherita

Before you read the BWW chat with the Broadwaysted Crew, take a listen to the episode:

What did Charles Dickens ever do to you?

Bryan: What didn't he do--
(they laugh)
Kevin: A Christmas Carol has always been a big part of my family's holiday. We saw at least one production of A Christmas Carol every year as far back as I can remember, in all kinds of places. I've seen dinner theater Scrooge, large theater Scrooge, musical Scrooge--I've seen boy Tiny Tims, Girl Tiny Tims...and one awkward adult Tiny Tim. Plus all the movie versions--
Bryan (shouting): I LOVE THE MOVIE VERSIONS! All of them.
Kevin: Even "Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol?" My Dad makes us watch that one. It's rough. Kimberly, what do you think?
Kimberly: What's a "Mr. Magoo?"
Kevin: You don't want to know.

Where am I going to?

Kimberly: We have to tell about Kevin's mistake with Jay Armstrong Johnson!
Kevin: No!
Bryan: Okay, so we recorded Jay Armstrong Johnson's part at my apartment--
Kevin: Let me just say that I had been doing a lot of scheduling and emailing and--
Bryan: So we're waiting for Jay--and long story short, Kevin gave Jay my address and told him the wrong apartment letter.
Kimberly: So Jay buzzed Bryan's neighbor...and she was like "who is this?" and he was like "Hey, it's me!" and she buzzed him in. Then he went to her apartment and knocked on the door and she opened it and was like "Who are you?!" and he was like "Hey, are Bryan and Kevin here?!"
Bryan: I have never met or talked to these neighbors before.
Kevin: We got him into the right apartment and he did an amazing job recording
Bryan: You just weren't great at giving him my address.
Kevin: Whoops.

Something's Coming, Something Good...If I Can Wait

Kimberly: NO SPOILERS!
Bryan: Everyone knows the story it's based on...
Kevin: We don't want to spoil any surprises, but we've gotta at least give 'em a glove
Bryan: What? A glove?
Kevin: DIP! DIP!
Bryan: What is he doing?
Kimberly: I'M NOT MY MOTHER!
Bryan: What is wrong with you two?
Kevin: Alright, here's what I will tell you is coming up. An incredible gag real from the recording process with some of the best outtakes you've ever heard.
Kimberly: There will definitely be some Carmen Cusack Bleeps during that gag reel!
Kevin: Oh yeah, definitely.
Bryan: But that makes sense, doesn't it? That the National Treasure gets to bleep out the gag reel of A Christmas Carol spoof--which is our National Treasure.
Kimberly: Dickens was British--
Bryan: Just go with it.

About the Show:

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