Broadway Designer Lloyd Burlingame Pens 'A BLESSING WELL DISGUISED'

Journey Press announces the release of A Blessing Well Disguised: A Blinded Artist's Inner Journey Out of the Dark by Lloyd Burlingame. A Blessing Well Disguised is now available in a trade paperback edition (ISBN: 978-1500190927, 276 pages).

A successful Broadway stage designer and distinguished educator in theater arts, Lloyd Burlingame was at the height of his career when he learned that a hereditary condition would destroy most or all of his vision. Faced with the loss of not only his profession, but his very identity, Burlingame asked himself a painful but poignant question: "What good is a blind artist?"

A Blessing Well Disguised is Burlingame's story of seeking meaning in suffering. In this intensely personal memoir, Burlingame shares his challenges, struggles, innermost trials and fears. In this candid account, Burlingame explains how he discovered an inner source through Jungian analysis. While still able to paint, Burlingame recorded those dream images that offered guidance on the inner road deep within him. Those paintings, which appear within the pages of A Blessing Well Disguised, add an unmistakable richness to this magnificent book.

Destined to resonate with readers, A Blessing Well Disguised is at once the story of an artist confronting the catastrophe of sight loss as well as a universal story about the human condition. An unforgettable book, A Blessing Well Disguised, at its heart, is the story of a man learning to live life in full color.

A riveting story about finding light in darkness, A Blessing Well Disguised chronicles how Burlingame reinvents himself as an author -- and finally accepts himself as nature made him: a unique individual able to embrace those parts of himself he formerly rejected and despised, attain wholeness and live freely and fully.

A story that is fascinating, inspiring and resplendent with wisdom, A Blessing Well Disguised explores universal themes of love, loss, fear, pain, and acceptance. An extraordinary memoir extraordinarily well told, A Blessing Well Disguised provides an illuminating and enlightening look at the power of the human spirit.

Lloyd Burlingame is a scenery, lighting and costume designer, educator, fine artist and author. After more than twenty years of designing on Broadway, Off Broadway, regionally and in opera, he turned all the design skills he had learned into coping with the gradual loss of almost all of his vision. He is also author of Two Seeing Eye Dogs Take Manhattan! A Love Story, and Sets, Lights and Lunacy: A Stage Designer's Adventures on Broadway and in Opera. Burlingame received the Robert L. B. Tobin Award for Sustained Excellence in Theatrical Design in 2012. For more information, visit:

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