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Broadway Catch Up!
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Broadway Catch Up: May 1 - Andrew Lloyd Webber, Elizabeth Stanley, the Cast of SING STREET, and More!

While Broadway remains shut down, BroadwayWorld is keeping up with your favorite stars and giving you a peek at what they have been up to! Check out yesterday's videos, from stars including Andrew Lloyd Webber, Elizabeth Stanley, the cast of Sing Street, and more!

The Broadway Catch Up is a daily series. Check back every day for a new roundup of posts from the day before!

Andrew Lloyd Webber shares more entries from his Cadenza Challenge!

Webber has been busy watching submissions from his "Cadenza Challenge" where fans were invited to submit videos of them performing a cadenza, the virtuoso vocal passage at the end of "Think of Me," the iconic song from his global phenomenon The Phantom of The Opera.

Robyn Hurder performs from A Chorus Line!

The Moulin Rouge! star took on the iconic choreography in honor of International Dance Day!

I haven't touched this dance since November of 2018. BUT...because it's "International Dance Day" I decided to drink half a box of wine and try to do sections. Remember, Cassie's have a special training camp for a week alone with Baayork to gain stamina to get through this beast.'s the Mirror's view of Cassie....and "Larry's" view for the pirouettes at the end. For those who don't know, it's part of "Larry's" track to be in SR wing 1, in line with "the line" and hold a white towel over a small flashlight for the Cassie to spot as the stage is completely red and she is about to have a physical, mental, and emotional breakdown. I had the privilege of staring at @brandonleff for a year on the national tour in 2008/9 and @rysteele for @nycitycenter in 2018. Side note/fun fact @alvesface was Mike on the tour and he sat in SR wing 1 every single night for a year and watched me do this. I wouldn't have survived without him. ANYWAY. Today....I didn't think about it beforehand....I just put on the music (in sections) and did it. These are all "one and done" takes. First try's. I'm a mess at moments, I completely forget sections (the ones that aren't my favorite)....but this dance is the definition of a dancer. You really just need a mirror and some music and a shit ton of wine to let that dance devil out and not give one F. I got my triples though! Baayork would be proud. Also, this dance is done usually in a custom made two inch character....not a 3 inch LaDuca boot. That was an added challenge. (Another side training....once you hit the final pose, Ms. B counts to 16. You have to hold it for at least 16 counts...or when you hear the applause begin to lower). . Sending love to all the dancers out there today who are still dancing in whatever space they are given. A dancer (always) dances. . . . #internationaldanceday #dance #dancer #broadway #achorusline #ACL #michaelbennett #cassie #wine #mother #quarantine

A post shared by Robyn Hurder (@robynhurder) on Apr 29, 2020 at 2:36pm PDT

The cast of Sing Street perform a virtual concert!

The cast presented Sing Street: Grounded - At Home With The Broadway Cast, a chance to see the young cast perform some of their favorite scenes and songs to benefit The Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City and Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

Elizabeth Stanley appears on Barrington Stage's BSC@HOME!

Barrington Stage Company has released the newest video of their BSC@Home series featuring Elizabeth Stanley, BSC Associate Artist and star of Broadway's JAGGED LITTLE PILL!

Sir Patrick Stewart continues #ASonnetADay!

This time he's taking on Shakespeare's Sonnet 42.

Zachary Levi reflects on She Loves Me!

Levi took part in Roundabout's Off-Script series, where he reflected on working on the musical in 2016.

Keala Settle, Chrissy Metz, and more perform 'You're Not Alone'!

The stars united to sing Scott Alan's 'You're Not Alone', sharing a message of hope to anyone feeling lonely, isolated, anxious or depressed during the COVID-19 crisis.

Other stars featured include Faye Brookes, Victoria Ekanoye, Amy Lennox, Jonny Labey, Michael Auger, Maiya Quansah-Breed, Matt Bloyd, Kerry Ellis, Louise Dearman, Alice Fearn, Oliver Tompsett and Jordan Luke Gage.

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