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Boychik (Ben Levi Ross) Shares New Single & Video 'Bombed Out Building'

Honest and vulnerable, "Bombed Out Building" is a tender, thoughtful exploration of love and natural uneasiness that comes with the early stages of falling.

Boychik (Ben Levi Ross) Shares New Single & Video 'Bombed Out Building'

Today, composer, actor and vocalist Boychik, the musical moniker of Dear Evan Hansen star Ben Levi Ross, released their second layered, piano-driven single, "Bombed Out Building," along with a lyric video. Watch below!

"Bombed Out Building," while light and layered, allows Boychik to calm their anxiety and explore the depths of true love-from the fear of falling, to discovering the comfort and safety within each other and everything in between.

Describing their latest, "Bombed Out Building," and both the fear and safety that can come with falling in love Boychik says, "Bombed Out Building" tells the story of the beginnings of the truest relationship I have ever known. I write all my songs on piano and I wanted to make sure this song stayed true to its origins. We placed the piano at the center, offset only by vocals and drums to highlight the fast-paced lyrics."

Honest and vulnerable, "Bombed Out Building" is a tender, thoughtful exploration of love and natural uneasiness that comes with the early stages of falling. "Like many people, I live with free-floating anxiety usually based in nothing. But when there is actually something tangible that causes the anxiety, like falling impossibly, painfully in love for the first time, the disquiet has the tendency to spiral out of control. The sheer terror of being in love and the mixture of feelings that ensue: will it suddenly end, will I rely on this person too heavily, a fear of what is meant for the rest of my life looking forward. The lyric opens during an anxious episode and a conversation between me and my lover. To help keep me safe, he reminds me of an emerald gem pulsing with beautiful green light at the center of my being."

Throughout the track, Boychik constructs a safe space within for both themselves and their partner to exist freely and delicately. Boychik continues, "As the song propels forward, I build an imaginary space inside my body, as though it were a building where me and my lover spend the night together. I invite him to walk around freely inside the deepest parts of me. The song has a lightness to it, each musical interlude building layers of whimsical fanfare as I let the beauty of this new feeling overtake all of the anxieties I've ever felt. Despite my promise to myself that I would never let anyone in this deep again, by the end of the song that feeling is left behind, for better or for worse."

"Bombed Out Building," follows the debut single "Dust After Rest," a track that frees Boychik of any gender constraints, and is filled with hope, gratitude and profound authenticity.

After a year of studying theater at the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama, Ross exited to join a national tour of Dear Evan Hansen, where they took the titular role from 2018-2019. The LA Times wrote Ross was "sensational," and "has a radiant strength and fills the theater with its luminosity." The Washington Post wrote of Ross' "rewardingly supple" voice. In 2020, they went on to star in the Kennedy Center's production of "Next to Normal"and by 2021, they made their film debut in Netflix's Tick..Tick..Boom!. Now, in 2022, Boychik's artistry expands further into uncharted territory-filled with confidence, boldness and vulnerability-and much more.

"Bombed Out Building," out everywhere now, sees Boychik vulnerably continue to pave their own path to truth, love, and beauty, unafraid to explore the depths of human emotion, while building a safe space within themselves. Connect with Boychik on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter for more information and more music. "Bombed Out Building," and "Dust After Rest," are out everywhere now.

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