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#BWWPrompts: Share Your Favorite Broadway Fun Fact!

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We want to hear from you! We're starting #BwayWorldPrompts, where each day we'll be asking our readers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram questions to spark some theater conversation.

Read your responses to today's prompt!

Read some of our reader's answers below!


"Janis Ian (Mean Girls) has blonde at the end of her hair because she dyed it to fit in with the plastics but now that she's not friends with them anymore, she let it grow out." crybabytheatregirl

"There is no row I. While rows A-H and J-Z are present, there isn't a row 'I'. There were too many people getting disappointed when they realized their row '1' was actually row '9' so to avoid this confusion, the row was taken off." @newjennarising

"I think it's super cool that Hamilton lives for 47 years and he is alive for 47 songs (including Lauren's Interlude) and Philip is alive for 19 years and 19 songs as well!!!!" @jostarshaped

"Sutton Foster was put into the Role of Millie after being the understudy. This ended up being her break through role and lead to her first Tony award." calamander._

"The painting above the fireplace in beetlejuice is the opening shot to the film." woodphoebe03


"In Hamilton, if you pay attention (I didn't notice at first), the background in the set actually grows a couple feet to symbolize the growth and building of a new nation!" @WillRoland

"In waitress when Jenna would crack the egg into the bowl it's not a real egg it's an Easter egg with a peach in it with the syrup to make it look like the yolk." @TheresaKent14

"Seventy Six Trombones and Good Night My Someone are the exact same song in different time signatures." @emilyabclark

"In the 2016 revival of Falsettos, Whizzer (played by Andrew Rannels) had to wear bigger sizes of clothing towards the end of the show inorder to show that he had gotten thinner" @mataIamPatti

"In the Mean Girls Tour there is a picture of Taylor, Ashley, and Kate in Regina's bedroom" @Jenna_8228


"The real sisters in Judy Turner's story in A Chorus Line both had to try out to play themselves. Trish Garland actually read her sister's monologue and got cast as Judy. They ended up combining both girls' stories into one." Leasa Hood Shukiar

"During the audition process of Dreamgirls; Micheal Bennett had to turn away one girl with an amazing singing voice but lacked any dancing skills. That person was Whitney Houston." Evan Wall

"On the Broadway production of Dear Evan Hansen, a crew member was assigned to read Rachel Bay Jones a funny joke as soon as she went offstage after a performance of "So Big/So Small", because she needed emotional relief from such a depressing song." Ginny Kang

"Ramin Karimloo is the only actor to play all three men Christine loves in Phantom of the Opera. (Phantom and Raoul on Broadway and Christine's father in the 2004 movie)" Jolene Thomas

"I rememder back in the 70's, in the play IRENE, a chours girl's entire neighborhood bought tickets in the balcony. She had one line, something like " More champagne"? and she got a standing ovation, I remeber this because it was something my neighborhood would do." Rory Artplace

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