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BWW Readers Speak Up About the Importance of Arts in Education!

We've asked, and you've answered! This week marks the National Arts in Education Week, celebrating the vitality of art forms, including theatre, in our school systems. In honor of the occasion, we asked BroadwayWorld readers to tell us why the arts are so crucial to education. Check out some of the most heartfelt answers below, and keep checking back in throughout the week as we add even more responses!

@i_should_probably_sleep on Instagram - "They allow us to connect with the people around us."

@anna.lampman on Instagram - "The arts express feelings and stories through such beautiful ways"

@kaylacaponekasper on Instagram - "The arts teach humanity, empathy, kindness, and how to use your voice in the world"

@ellrh519 on Instagram - "I understand people better because I do theatre!"

@broadwaybaby5123 on Instagram - "They teach crucial life skills and provide an outlet for expression."

@nicoleodeon___ on Instagram - "It gives students like me a chance to explore the creative answers to everyday situations"

@cambria_lynn_g on Instagram - "The arts help students express their true self in a safe space"

@newsies.facts.opinions on Instagram - "It fosters connection and community between people of all walks of life!"

@carleecuters on Instagram - "It helps you understand how others might think, which is huge when dealing with people."

@scerto on Instagram - "It allowed me to become my full comedic self that was not allowed in regular classrooms."

@marissa.marie.hein on Instagram - "The arts allow kids to have a safe space to explore new ways to express themselves."

@adamislonely on Instagram - "The arts allow us to be able to be ourselves and open up." on Instagram - "They give me a chance to go out of my comfort zone and push me to be a better version of myself"

@pipecollazos on Instagram - "Other things help you survive but art makes you feel alive!"

@paigekelly48 on Instagram - "I believe the arts serve as an outlet to release any built up stress"

@lillysorkin on Instagram - "The arts teach kids that is not only okay but actually really important to be yourself."

@_allisonclarkk on Instagram - "It's a chance to be creative and love yourself"

@ma.ddie_17 on Instagram - "It gives kids an awesome creative outlet and a placebo be themselves!"

@_theatre_ on Instagram - "They are a lesson that helps the students build confidence and communicate with each other"

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