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BWW Prompts: Which Broadway Character Is Coming to Thanksgiving Dinner?

Who is invited to your dinner on Thursday?

BWW Prompts: Which Broadway Character Is Coming to Thanksgiving Dinner?

We want to hear from you! Submit your response to our daily #BWWPrompts, where we ask our readers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram questions to spark some theater conversation.

Read some of our reader's answers below!


"I would invite Delia, for a bomb toast, and she seems like she would be very thankful because of her positive vibes. I would also invite Jenna of course because who doesn't want some amazing pie?" @NoaBerger7

"Elsa and Anna because they need to catch up on all the family time they missed growing up" @FallenAngel16_6

"Rose Maxson because that woman has been put through Hell and deserves to have someone take care of her for a day. She should come to my house, sit down, eat up, and relax. We've got you, Rose!" @playingwithu

"Eliza Schuyler, i would love to have a dinner with her because she's amazing and probably has a secret old recipe in her sleeve." @SaraDiasz

"Lydia deets Beetlejuice because she would be fun me and her have a lot in common" @Alexsmouse1


"Michael Mell because he's my buddy or the Hamilton's because they're a cool beat boxing family!" @kayla.the.turtle.girl

"Jenna because she'll bring pie" @musicalsidraw

"All the Newsies because they probably never really have a family dinner like that" @merelw_

"Miss. Argentina we can have a dance battle"

"Enjolras so I would have someone to talk revolution to" @the.real.enjolras


"Anastasia....who doesn't want dinner with royalty? Or Enjolras; I can see him getting into some political arguments with my family." Samantha M

"The Phantom. Wears his mask, practices isolation." Elizabeth B

"Jean Valjean... he'll bring a loaf of bread." Garrick G

"Jenna - maybe she'll bring one of those delicious pies" Jayson M

"Angel from Rent, because Mom Hugs" Cheryl D

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