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BWW Blog: Nicolas Dromard of JERSEY BOYS Tour - First Week on Tour


I got 8 shows under my belt!! After a full week, I needed a day off! This show goes through such an emotional journey for Tommy, and it's so vocally taxing, I definitely felt a vocal chord exercise on two show days. Our tour schedule is usually one show Tuesday through Friday and two shows on Saturday and Sunday, so by Sunday night your voice is pretty tired. It's like using a muscle over and over. The show is so vocally taxing that all productions have two actors who alternate the role of Frankie Valli. One actor is hired to perform the role six times a week and another actor does 2, to give enough rest so that nobody ruins their voices (and careers!). Nick Cosgrove and Hayden Milanes are our Frankies, and what's really great for the cast is that every actor is able to bring themselves to the role, so there are differences that make every performance different. Nothing major like different lines, but it's always exciting to have different people on stage. John Rochette is an understudy for Nick Massi and he went on tonight. Not his first time, but it was my first time with him in that role and it's so fun discovering some moments with a new actor on stage. It's live theatre. And it's amazing!

So I decided to fly to Vegas on my day off to rest, enjoy some time at the pool, see a Cirque show and eat some good food. Of course I get off the plane in Vegas and what do I see on a huge screen? The commercial for Jersey Boys in Vegas!! Now playing at the Paris resort and Casino. And no, I didn't get the chance to see it in Vegas. Although I'd love to!

I've mentioned this in my past blogs, but I love to mention it again. This is why I love touring: because we have the chance to discover such beautiful places and really get to know cities. And on our days off we can go and explore! I went on this hike last week in Salt Lake, it was so beautiful!

This day off also brought a great sense of "absorbing" the lines and my character. I did the show tonight after a day off and felt really good about it, things are solidifying and I'm able to be more in the moment, as opposed to just think of where I'm supposed to be next, don't hit this person with the guitar, get out of the way of the automated drum kit.... Argh!!!

So week two commences in full gear. More rehearsals this week.... More blogs coming.... Stay tuned!

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