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BWW Blog: BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S Kate Cullen Roberts

It has now been almost 3 weeks since Breakfast at Tiffany's opened on Broadway on March 20th. It's hard to believe we started rehearsal on January 28th! Time really does fly when you're having fun.

On the first day of rehearsal, I found myself in the elevator at New 42nd Street Studios with a handful of Breakfast at Tiffany's cast members who began introducing themselves to one another. After a few hellos, I turned to the person standing next to me and saw that it was George Wendt. I stuck out my hand and said,

"Hi, Peter."
"It's George."

...I knew his name was George. Of course I knew his name was George. It was George Wendt! I was just very, very nervous. And consequently, very, very embarrassed.

Sidebar: For this reason, I refuse to watch Game of Thrones until after our show closes. I tend to get star-struck, even with people I know. And I want to be able to continue to carry on normal conversations with Emilia.

Beyond that initial embarrassment, the day is ingrained in my memory for two reasons: #1) I had never worked with anyone in this cast or creative team before. This is a little unusual, at least for me, because in most productions you know someone -- the director or playwright, or you have done something -- a reading, workshop, or play -- with someone in the cast. But going into Breakfast at Tiffany's, I didn't know a soul. (Actually, this is not entirely true -- I had met cast member Danny Binstock at my own wedding a few months earlier -- his girlfriend Kristen was one of my bridesmaids!) But still, this first day of rehearsals felt like the first day at a very new and exciting school and I was SO nervous! And reason #2) I was absolutely THRILLED and delighted to be involved in this production and I couldn't wait to get started.

And now, almost 11 weeks since gathering as a cast for the first time, and almost 8 weeks at the Cort Theatre, we have inevitably (and happily) established that wonderful cast/family dynamic and day-to-day show rhythm... I see George ("Peter?") Wendt sitting in his dressing room each time I mount the stairs en route to mine. He leaves his door open and says hello/good show to everyone who walks by. So sweet. Then I can usually catch the lovely and amazing Emilia Clarke for a quick hug and hello (and to check out whatever fab ensemble she is wearing that day) after she warms up on stage before she begins her marathon of a play. To quote Capote, Eddie Korbich's boundless energy is "like a jigger of nitrogen" anywhere he goes and I can usually hear when he enters the building. I love peeking my head into John Rothman, Tony Torn and Pedro Carmo's dressing room before the show. These three Geminis are always in deep discussion about something. As I pass James Yaegashi backstage every night before my first scene he always tells me to "kill it." The brilliant Suzanne Bertish is always at the ready with an amazing story or anecdote to share with me and Elisabeth Grey (This talented women covers every Female character in the show - rock star.) in our dressing room during intermission. I adore listening to Cory Michael Smith and Murphy Guyer's scene at the top of Act II over the intercom as I do my wig change. And then I know that I can always join Lee Wilcoff, Danny Binstock, Paolo Montalban in the Green Room during our long spans of off-stage time during Act II to read and exchange magazines. (Incidentally, the Vogues I donate to the pile are particularly popular.)

In short, working with this talented and amazing group has been heavenly and a whole lot of fun. I feel extremely lucky.

I promise funnier and way less heartfelt blog posts in the future. (Definitely some cat pics and perhaps an explanation on the "40's Lip" that the genius Roy Helland taught me.) But I had to get my "love" out there first. :)

xo Kate

Here are some pics of the cast!

Celebrating at The Rum House after the long first week of tech: sound designer Rob Milburn, myself, Cory Michael Smith, Emilia Clarke, James Yaegashi, and Tony Torn.

2 of the 3 Geminis (Tony Torn and Pedro Carmo) discussing, in depth, the virtues of John Rothman's aftershave balm

Some of the handsome men of B@T (Eddie Korbich, director Sean Mathias, James Yaegashi, Paolo Montalban, Daniel Binstock.)

Me and Cory at Opening Night. Boy, that man has some amazing cheekbones...

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