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BWW Blog: Adam Lendermon of Maltz Jupiter's A CHORUS LINE - Interview with 'Diana'

For my second interview I've chosen our beautiful DiAna Morales. This girl is a gem. She brings such a stunning simplicity to the role and a vocal ease that is bound to melt the audience's heart every night. I am honored to be working with such a talented artist and genuinely fantastic human being.

"I want you to tell me your name, real name if it's different. And I'd also like to know where you were born..."

My full name is Camden Christine Gonzales. Professionally it's Camden Gonzales, and up until recently it was always just Cami. I'm originally from California, just outside of San Francisco.

"What made you start dancing?"

My mom. She had tap danced as a kid and thought I'd like it, I guess. She dragged me kicking and screaming into my first dance class, and then I never really left.

What is your first memory connected with A Chorus Line?

I was definitely late to the Chorus Line party. My first experience was seeing the most recent revival's tryout in San Francisco before it went to Broadway. I think I was 17 or 18. I remember getting so excited because I had been to college auditions with the guy who played Mark. Even though I didn't actually know him, it made me feel really cool, I'm pretty sure I bragged to my parents about it the whole night.

How do you relate to the character on the line that you are playing?

I think I connect most with Diana's overall point of view on life in this business. She doesn't give up, and she tries to live without regret. That's what that whole last scene and song are about for her. And that's really how I try to live too. Live right now, because we don't know what tomorrow will bring us.

Who has most inspired or nurtured you as an artist?

Well, my parents are definitely the first that come to mind. They've been unbelievably supportive. But if I were to choose someone not related to me it would be my amazing teacher Mary Jo Duprey. She took a chance and cast me in my first real play in college. It was the scariest thing ever, and is still the only reason I can call myself an actor.

What is your favorite story to tell about something that has happened to you onstage?

My first job out of school was a TYA tour down in San Diego. We were doing a mini 45-minute musical in which I played a young Frida Kahlo. The show was not particularly interactive, but kids are kids so sometimes they like to verbally respond, just...whenever.

It's towards the end of the show and the other main character, Alex, has to climb a tree in order to get to Frida who is sick in bed. It has been established that Alex is afraid of heights, so he turns to the audience and says, "I can't climb the tree, can I?" And a little girl who couldn't have been over 5 years old, front row center shouts full voice "I'TS THE ONLY WAAAAY!"

"What do you do when you can't dance anymore?"

"Oh shit, what kind of question is that!?" Am I allowed to say that?

Camden Gonzales

Camden is thrilled to be joining the Maltz in her second trip down "The Line" this year. Other regional credits include 42nd Street and A Chorus Line (Musical Theatre West) Chasing The Song,and Frida Libre (La Jolla Playhouse), Fiddler on the Roof and Joseph...Dreamcoat (Utah Festival Opera), Into The Woods (Performance Riverside) and Showboat (Fresno Grand Opera). Camden received a BA in Theater Arts from UCLA and recently relocated to New York City.

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