Author To Release Inspiring Fiction Book Series 'Elementals and the Legion of Werewolves'

Author To Release Inspiring Fiction Book Series 'Elementals and the Legion of Werewolves'

"Elementals and the Legion of Werewolves" is a forthcoming book series created by Armond McMaster. McMaster will release a novella in January of 2019, as a preface to his first forthcoming novel, which he plans to release by March of 2019. The creation of this book series began as an outlet for McMaster, utilizing his abilities as a creative writer as his method to cope and eventually heal from being bullied as a young child and throughout his youth, after surviving a major accident.The book series is in the genre of fantasy fiction. Author Armond McMaster created an entire book series with well-developed and engaging characters, which encompasse a strong message, relaying the ability to persevere and rise above obstacles. Throughout the story written by McMaster, "Elementals and the Legion of Werewolves," the main characters must persevere to "save themselves and as well as the world." The story is told from the perspective of Christopher Wildfire, who is one of the main characters and one of the "elementals" in the story. In McMaster's book series, the elementals are humans who have a special gift, which is that they can control elements. According to Armond McMaster in describing his book, "no one knew how many elementals there were in the world. And few knew that the elementals were once bullied, often misunderstood, while in actuality they were the ones who would discover and refine their profound superpowers of controlling elements which would eventually lead to saving themselves and the world." Summarizing, in describing his book and his likable characters, the "elementals," they learn to heal themselves and refine the use of their gifts and "superpowers" to save the world, to do this they had to learn to proceed with a pure heart for themselves and others. The elementals prevail with perseverance and determination for the greater good; once underestimated by others, yet they actually have abilities to save the planet,"states McMaster.

Author Armond McMaster discussed what sparked the development of the story, "when I was overcoming being bullied first as a child, starting in the third grade and then throughout my teens, I needed an outlet, my outlet was writing. I created the first character "Christopher Wildfire" as a character I thought of as a hero, and what that would look like." Continuing, "who I wanted to be like in terms of a person who perseveres to rise above adversity, I created that within a character in my book, that is Christopher Wildfire. In terms of the character Christopher Wildfire, in the story he overcomes so much adversity, seemingly against all odds, to help himself and to perpetuate good. Throughout the story he is truly advocating for good and cares about bettering the world." Paraphrasing McMaster, this fictional character Christopher Wildfire inspired McMaster as a teenager. "This character, who I created through my writing inspired me to use my abilities to write and create, and to truly excel." Stating, "I knew I had to save myself from bullying. I also want to give back to inspire others, and to demonstrate in all I do, in addition to writing and publishing my books, never give up, always strive to persevere and do well in life for yourself and to inspire others," concludes McMaster.

In a recent interview, Armond McMaster also gave some advice for those who want to write, "write from your heart, believe in your work. "I still write on the days I initially don't feel like it, but once I start writing, I remember once again, I am in fact, a writer. Writing helps me in so many ways to overcome adversity." Concluding, "I hope to spend my life writing and inspiring others to overcome adversity and to use their gifts and talents to inspire good."

Author Armond McMaster is actively seeking literary representation for his first novel, "Elementals and the Legion of Werewolves" and for the complete book series. The novella will be self-published and available as an e-book in the first week of January 2019.

According to an industry colleague, affirming McMaster's sentiments, "Everyone has abilities, talents and gifts. Finding those gifts and talents and using them to overcome adversity, and to excel in life inspires. Encouraging others to do the same in utilizing their unique gifts and talents to do good in the world is very inspiring."

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