OWN's OPRAH'S LIFECLASS with Bishop T.D. Jakes to Air 5/4; Watch Sneak Peek


Oprah and Bishop T.D. Jakes reunite for the first time on television since last year's sold out MegaFest tour in an all-new episode of "Oprah's Lifeclass" airing this Sunday, May 4 at 9:00pm ET/PT on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

Watch a sneak peek of "Transform Your Life with Bishop T.D. Jakes" below

In the episode, T.D. Jakes heats up Harpo studios with his renowned inspirational energy. Joining Oprah, along with participants via social media from around the world, he illustrates how to use transformational thinking to get to the core of who you really are, move beyond limiting beliefs and live life in a new and more purposeful way.


T.D. JAKES: I've got these apples here because I want you to understand about this apple that this apple right here is really an orchard.

T.D. JAKES: It is an orchard.

OPRAH: Come on with it.

T.D. JAKES: The problem is, in order to get the potential, its highest and best potential, you have to get beyond the peelings and all the things that have been placed on top of it. Now, imagine the apple is you and you're trying to get your orchard out. But there's all of these things surrounding you that are causing you not to be who you were created to be. The transformational potential of this apple is never in its peeling. It's never in the meat of the apple. It is -- it is only when you are able to get it down to the core. Okay? (Indicating.) The core essence. When you touch the core and you get down to the seed, you have then gotten to the place where you can find its fullest and best potential. You either have to cut to it or rot to it. Okay? (Applause.)


OPRAH: So, Bishop, how do we get to the core?

T.D. JAKES: The most amazing thing is that we study everything but ourselves.

OPRAH: Wow. Wow.

T.D. JAKES: We walk into rooms and environments. We watch other people. We emulate other people. We wear their names. We wear their clothes. We wear their stuff. We fix our hair like them. We know everything about all the people we admire and nothing about ourselves. Maybe you need to date you.

OPRAH: Whoo. Whoo.

T.D. JAKES: Maybe you need to date you. Maybe you need to date you in such a way that you get to know who you are.

OPRAH: Yeah.

T.D. JAKES: And you value what you're giving away.

OPRAH: Yeah.

T.D. JAKES: What you bring to the table.

T.D. JAKES: And people have a Hard Time getting down to their core because some of us really don't know who we are. We know what we own. We know what we drive. We know the degrees we have. But we don't know who we are. Getting down to who you are may embody questions like, what motivates me? What is it that when I do that thing, I am impassioned when I do it. What makes a flame ignite in my eye? What makes me leap out of the bed in the morning? What was it about being in this particular environment that made me functional and fiery and invigorated? Because that's where your power is. Get to know that. What do you add to the room?

OPRAH: What do you add to the room?

T.D. JAKES: What do you add to the room?


OPRAH: Well, I see how easy it is to do that, you know, because I turned 60 that year. (Applause.) And it -- it really was a number that caused me to have the deepest reflection and pause because I could see the rest of the world making judgments about it.

T.D. JAKES: Mm-hmm.

OPRAH: And I in my own mind, I didn't say rebuke but I now rebuke it. I rebuke it. I see that if you allow the rest of the world to define what they think 60 is, then you will end up depressed.

OPRAH: That every day you get to redefine what 56, 57, 58, 60, 72. 63.

OPRAH: 63. Hello. Hello. Yes. Yes. (Applause.) You get to put on your leopard print and walk out the door. Yes, you do.

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