OVER THE RAINBOW: Jessica Pinkett's Weekly Round-Up

It was a bumper weekend for the Dorothys as two girls were bumped off, leaving us with our final four for next week's semi-final.

On Saturday night, the girls each sang a song from a musical. Since they're all musical theatre singers yet have been singing pop songs every week so far, you'd expect this to be their best week, but actually there were some quite disappointing performances. Danielle sang fairly well but as Charlotte said she was a bit shouty on the top notes. Steph also didn't impress me as much as usual, but still received good comments from the judges.

Danielle is looking less like an awkward teen these days, very classy and oddly much prettier than she did earlier in the series. In sharp contrast was Jessica who wore a ridiculous outfit, although it was quite fitting for her panto-esque Mary Poppins performance. She certainly put a lot of effort in but the sound of it was indeed something quite atrocious, plus she's STILL going on about how "quirky" she is! All we know about her is that she's from Middlesbrough, likes dogs and considers herself to be a bit strange.

It was odd that Sophie was the last girl to sing (and performing last on these shows almost ensures you won't be sent home), as she's generally had quite negative comments, but this was actually her best performance yet. I'm still not convinced that she deserves to be Dorothy but her performance was great fun and it was nice to see her showing more confidence than usual.

The Dorothys in Saturday's bottom two were Jenny and Lauren. Although it may be considered a shock result as they were both quite popular contestants with the audience and judges, I could see how it happened. Jenny's performance was much more serious than usual for her, and she did little to engage the audience. Lauren was as accomplished as ever, but the judges' constant reiteration of how professional she is possibly made her seem like a musical theatre robot, therefore not getting the audience on her side as much as the more grassroots Dorothys.

It was Jenny who went home, and she took the result with dignity. The other girls weren't safe for long, however - the voting lines were immediately reopened and the Dorothys performed a medley of Wizard of Oz songs in the hope of inspiring viewers to vote for them. The Oz songs actually seem to be quite difficult, with Sophie and surprisingly Danielle seeming to struggle with their parts. Let's hope they do a little better if they actually win the role!

It will come as no surprise to fans of TV talent shows that being in the bottom two ensured that Lauren would be safe on Sunday, sailing through to the semi-final. She was joined by Steph and Sophie, leaving Danielle and Jessica to take part in the Sunday night sing-off. Once again, the two I had decided were the most likely final two ended up being the bottom two. As she seems to be his favourite, Andrew predictably chose Danielle, but I think most viewers (at least the ones who pay more attention to the performances than the videos beforehand) will agree that it was the right decision.

Now the final is only two weeks away, it's exciting (and unusual) to find that there really is no clear winner. Usually when a contestant is in the bottom two, it rules out any chance of them winning a series such as this, but in this case all four of the remaining Dorothies have been in the bottom two at some point! I think, and hope, it's going to be between Danielle and Steph, but I really can't predict which one. While I don't think the quality of this year's contestants has been brilliant overall, it's certainly been a dramatic and unpredictable series and I can't wait to see what happens next.

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