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Riverdance: Live From Beijing Video

Riverdance: Live From Beijing on Video - 2011


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It's been fifteen years since RIVERDANCE first tapped its way onto the world stage thrilling millions of people around the globe. This unique show has been experienced LIVE by over 22 million people; in over 10,000 performances in 350 cities in 40 countries spread across 4 continents. It is the first international show to tour China extensively. This new DVD was filmed LIVE in the Beijing Exhibition Center to celebrate the show's 15th Anniversary as part of its 12 city tour of China in 2010. It showcases the incredible beauty, energy and skill of the dance combined with the captivating rhythms of the music. This program, which is the first since 2001, was filmed with state-of-the-art High Definition cameras. Every Riverdance fan will enjoy this superb DVD product with Dolby Digital Surround Sound.

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Aislinn Ryan

Studio: Kultur Video

Filmed: 2010 - Released: 2011

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