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A Damsel In Distress	 Video

A Damsel In Distress on Video - 1937


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Astaire teams up with Burns & Allen to bring some good ol' American music and mayhem to stately England. There, lovely Joan Fontaine pines for a husband and finds Astaire. Naturally, A Damsel in Distress becomes a lady in love. Enjoy George Gershwin's last completed score, including the pensive "A Foggy Day" amd "Nice Work If You Can Get It" plus the famed Astaire-Burns-Allen fun house dance and other inspired stepping-out that earned dance director Hermes Pan an Academy Award(R). Renowned "Jeeves" humorist P.G Wodehouse writes and George Stevens (Giant, Shane) directs.

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Fred Astaire

George Burns

Gracie Allen

Joan Fontaine

Reginald Gardiner

Studio: RKO Pictures

Filmed: 1937 - Released: 1937

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