BWW Review: CONFIDENTIAL MUSICAL THEATRE PROJECT is a 'Must do' Experience at the Toronto Fringe Festival

BWW Review: CONFIDENTIAL MUSICAL THEATRE PROJECT is a 'Must do' Experience at the Toronto Fringe Festival

If you are taking in some shows at the Toronto Fringe Festival, make sure to catch at least one performance of CONFIDENTIAL MUSICAL THEATRE PROJECT! On stage at the Al Green Theatre, this musical experience is a delightful adventure for the audience and performers alike.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, the audience does not know which musical they are about to witness until the show starts. The performers haven't known for much longer than that either! The actors get their scripts but cannot reveal to anyone what show they are doing or what their parts are. 1 hour prior to show time, everyone comes together for a first and last group rehearsal. Then the fun starts! A fun concept and an exhilarating experience for all, CONFIDENTIAL MUSICAL THEATRE PROJECT is definitely something you should see! The bonus? You can see it more than once because you will get a different show each time!

I am not permitted to reveal the production that I had the opportunity to see, but it was one that I know quite well and I appreciated seeing it in this format. The performers worked well as a team and the audience was behind them throughout the entire process. The moments where someone had to double-check the script, deal with a makeshift prop, or do something (fight, dance, etc.) that is typically choreographed led to some humour as the actors essentially had to muddle their way through. They did so with gumption though, and that's what made it great. There was a particular flub of a line that was so funny that I truly wish the actual line could be changed in all future productions of this musical.

In summary, CONFIDENTIAL MUSICAL THEATRE PROJECT is a hoot! If you love musicals, laughing, and the creative process, ,ake sure you catch a performance!

Remaining performances are scheduled for the following dates and times: July 11th at 9pm, July 13th at 9:15pm, July 14th at 4:30pm and July 16th at noon.

All performances are at the Al Green Theatre at 750 Spadina.

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