LAB Theatre Project Presents FIRE THIEF

The play Fire Thief runs for three weekends, May 4-21 at LAB Theater Project, 812 E. Henderson Ave.

LAB Theatre Project Presents FIRE THIEF

The LAB Theater Project will present Fire Thief by Laura Hirshberg. Based on a Greek myth, this new drama explores the path of the titan Prometheus as he sacrifices his place on Mt. Olympus to bring fire to mankind. The story illuminates the joy and pain that inspiration and creativity can bring to creators and to those around them.

New York based playwright, director, and stage manager, Laura Hirshberg has had plays produced and workshopped at Off-Broadway theaters around the city as well as at Harvard University. Fire Thief is directed by LAB Theater Project founder and executive producer Owen Robertson and features local actors Christopher Rushing, Jakob Nordstrom, Brooke West, and Maurice Parker. The set design is by Robertson, costumes by Lindsay Ellis, sound by Richard Anthony, lighting by Wayne Linderman, props by Mary Kay Cyrus, and Cass Hardy is the lead scenic artist.

"When I first read Fire Thief," director Owen Robertson says, "I found the story engaging and the concept new. Exploring what it was like for Prometheus to take the fire of the gods and give it to humanity was an exciting starting point. And then came examining the relationship between the two brothers, Prometheus and Epimetheus, and what happens when a desire to do good leads to betrayal. Hirschberg takes the audience on a journey through complicated relationships against the backdrop of mythology. Playing with Titans -- what director wouldn't want this opportunity?"

"I also love the use of contemporary language by Hirschberg; it provides a connection for the audience that keeps the story grounded and real without being caught in the gravitas of the subject matter."

About the play:

To the gods, fire is critical for creativity and invention, and over aeons brothers Prometheus and Epimetheus use it to surround mankind with new flora and fauna, machinery and inventions, and art, music, literature and philosophy. But Prometheus steals the fire of the gods and gives it to mankind. As the flame of inspiration spreads, there are consequences--in the Hall of the Gods and on the earth below. Exiled from his home and pursued by gods and monsters, Prometheus weaves his way through human history, cultivating art and invention. But over centuries Prometheus begins to realize the cost of creation, the risks of inspiration, and what must be sacrificed for the sake of progress.

Playwright Laura Hirshberg, who was inspired by the Greek mythology she grew up reading, says she chose Prometheus as her first adaptation because "At its core, the Prometheus story is about inspiration, creativity, and sacrifice, as well as possibility and hope. Writing this play gave me a chance to explore what is painful about making art, but also to consider why we keep creating and inventing despite that pain. With every new draft, this play becomes more of a celebration of the many forms inspiration and innovation can take. And, just as important, it acknowledges the support, forgiveness, and love required for creativity to flourish."

Robertson adds, "Ultimately, this play is a relationship play about friendship, brotherhood, love, and loyalty. It explores what the cost of being a creator is and that sometimes those closest to us are the ones doomed to torment us with our success and failure."

The play Fire Thief runs for three weekends, May 4-21 at LAB Theater Project, 812 E. Henderson Ave, on the western edge of Ybor City. Performances are Thursday through Saturday at 8:00 and Sunday matinees at 3:00. Videotaped performances will also be available on demand May 11-28. Audience members who purchase on-demand tickets will be emailed a link to the video site. LAB reserves the right to adjust the number of seats available in response to CDC guidance.

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