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Student Blog: Looking Back and Looking Ahead


A Personal Review of 2021, and a Preview of 2022

Student Blog: Looking Back and Looking Ahead Wow, I can't believe it's already 2022, and it's still settling in even though we're already ten days in.

Needless to say, 2021 was a rollercoaster ride for everybody. For myself, personally, not much really happened. I mean, my cousin got married, and some of my other cousins relocated, but other than that, no major changes took place in the family dynamic.

I can speak for most, if not all, of us when I say that I'm a fangirl. I've joined a couple fandoms in the past year, like that of One Tree Hill, and the vast subject that is the MCU, as you can see with my picture next to the Spider-Man: No Way Home poster, which was taken the first full day it was out.

This year, I'm going to my first real musical. Yes, I saw a couple in high school and performed in many in my children's choir at church, but I've never been to a professional performance. Thankfully, my mom gifted me (and herself) Hamilton tickets for when the U.S. tour stops in St. Louis.

Also, my family is taking a trip out to the Northern Arizona/Southern Utah area this July, which will add a bunch of states to my sticker map on the living room wall.

Here's to what was 2021, and what will be 2022.

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