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The Happiest Girl in the World - Broadway Creative Team

Production Staff

Aristophanes Source Material
(based on play)
Bulfinch Source Material
(based on stories)
E. Y. Harburg Lyricist
E.Y. Harburg Lyricist
Henry Mayers Bookwriter
Fred Saidy Bookwriter
The Martin Beck Estate Theatre Owner / Operator
William and Jean Eckart Lighting Designer
Scenic Designer
Gerald Alters Dance Music Arranger
Robert Russell Bennett Orchestrator
Henri Caubisens Production Stage Manager
Renato Cibelli Assistant Stage Manager
Robert DeComier Vocal Music Arranger
Musical Director
Robert DeCormier Musical Director
Vocal Music Arranger
Bill Doll Press Representative
William Eckart Settings/Lighting
Jean Eckart Settings/Lighting
Robert Fletcher Costume Designer
Lee Guber Producer
Sol Gusikoff Music Contractor
Hershy Kay Orchestrator
Marvin A. Krauss General Manager
Dania Krupska Choreographer
Herman Magidson Stage Manager
Ronald De Mann Hair Designer
Arthur Partington Assistant to the Choreographer
Bill Penn Assistant to Mr. Ritchard
Cyril Ritchard Director
Albert H. Rosen Business Manager
Ted Saidenberg Assistant Conductor
Frank Spencer Assistant to the Costume Designer