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Welcome Stranger - 1920 - Broadway


Cohan and Harris

(New York, NY)
226 W. 42nd St.
by Scott Fullerton - Jan 11, 2015
Hey Stranger Friends, I hope you were able to follow-along for my live recapping and reviewing earlier, but if you missed it, the blow-by-blow is outlined below here. A Bahraini diplomat is caught holding his maid hostage in a locked closet in his spacious US home, and MADAM SECRETARY decides they must be prosecuted and diplomatic immunity denied. This could create a problem for a new US airbase overseas that it is imparative to have Bahrain's help with, so the Secretary is not only having to deal with the Joint Chief's at home, but the Prince of Bahrain turns out to be her old best friend in bording school, and needs to save face with his people at home.As always there is the family side to every episode, and they do not disappoint when Tom Skerritt, guest stars as Henry's hard-nosed labor leader father, in from the great steel town of Pittsburgh.