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(Proprietor of the Cockroach Cafe)

(A Piano Player)

(First Mate of the Liza Jane)

(Plantation Foreman)

(An Entertainer)

(Harlem Society Reporter)

(Captain of the Susan Belle)

(Steve's Partner)

(A Gal from Memphis)

(Captain Smith's daughter)

(Hot-Corn Man)

(Captain of the Liza Jane)


(First Mate of the Susan Belle)

(First Deckhand of the Liza Jane)

(Heading for Harlem)

(Fried-Chicken Vendor)

(A Gambling Man)

(A Chinese Girl)

(Proprietor of the Cockroach Cafe)

(Cabaret Queen)

(Frye's Best Half)

Production Team

Lorenzo Calduel Orchestrator
Musical Director
Alexander Jones Costume Designer
Maxine Jones Costume Designer
Cecil Mack Director
Jack Mason Director
Walter Walden Scenic Designer
Victor Zanoff Scenic Designer