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Kismet - 1962 - US Tour

From the play by Edward Knoblock

Neither Aladdin nor Ali Baba ever had a day like this! In the span of twenty-four hours, Hajj the beggar manages to escape the clutches of a vengeful bandit, drown the evil Wazir of Police, catch the eye of the Wazir's voluptuous wife, serve as Emir of Baghdad, and see his daughter wed to the handsome Caliph. brbrFrom the original hit Broadway and London productions to the popular MGM film and highly successful revivals around the world, this Arabian fantasy has proven a winner with audiences time and again, thanks to its exotic setting, appealing characters and wry sense of humor, not to mention a lush score adapted from the soaring melodies of Alexander Borodin. Packed with mirth, mayhem and romance, strongKISMET/strong has enough adventure and delight to last at least 1001 Arabian nights!


Philharmonic Auditorium

(Los Angeles, )
Los Angeles,
by Michael Dale - September 2, 2007
Playwright Charles Mee and director Tina Landau adapt a play by Euripides into an abstract pageant that not-so-subtly questions current American foreign policy, amidst some good laughs, some interesting visuals and some scantily clad boys and girls.