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A La Broadway - 1911 - Broadway



(New York, NY)
210 W. 46th St.
by Jaime Zahl - Sep 12, 2018
Some shows move you. Some shows run a chill up your spine. Some shows leave makeup and tears streaming down your face. This was my experience sitting in the intimate Circle in the Square Theatre, where 'Fun Home' premiered on Broadway in 2015 after an Off-Broadway run in 2013. More than three years later I experienced the same rush of emotions at Smithtown Performing Arts Center's production.
by Robert Diamond - Nov 24, 2013
Aniversario Sin Cuenta, a musical experience starring Cecilia Bracamonte who commissioned Salgado to write and direct her story to commemorate fifty years of her illustrious musical career. Bracamonte decided that for this milestone in her life she wanted to celebrate 'a la Broadway' and hired the Sergio Trujillo and Andy Blankenbuler protege for the mission to create this night.