Comedian Martha McBrier Brings Her New Show To The Edinburgh Fringe

Comedian Martha McBrier Brings Her New Show To The Edinburgh Fringe

In 2017 there were 6,213 suicides in the UK and Republic of Ireland. In the UK, men remain three times more likely to take their own lives than women and the highest suicide rate in the UK is among men aged 45-49. Suicide is the single biggest killer of men under the age of 25.

[Samaritans Suicide Statistics Report].

Suicide is the last taboo.

No, you aren't reading the wrong article... this is a comedy show.

And one from none other than veteran Edinburgh Free Fringe favourite, Martha McBrier. The Glaswegian, cussing, queen of crowd work is back (after a brain tumor failed to floor her), to tackle a topic many find tricky to tackle, but which she's inordinately well-placed to talk about.

McBrier has made stand-up comedy about all aspects of her colourful life, but until now has not talked about the other side of her life - her day job - a thirty-three year career in Suicide Prevention.

Happiness Bully is a show about country music; being forced to 'think positive'; and ... it's also about suicide. If you're thinking "that's got laugh a minute written all over it!", cut the sarcasm and prepare to be surprised. If anyone can make it funny, McBrier will. You don't even need to be Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton...or come along and enjoy the show.

What do advertising, popular culture, self-help Gurus, work colleagues and... well, pretty much everything and everyone, have in common? They all try to bully you into being happy!!! Fed up of being told to smile because it might never happen? Has your dog died? Has your partner left you? Don't smile just because the office idiot told you to cheer up. Frown, cry and scream... it's already happened. Some people hold firm the belief that a positive mental attitude is the only way forward, as if it cures cancer. It doesn't. Feel how you want to feel and don't suppress your feelings.

Join McBrier as she takes a stand against happiness bullies everywhere and, shares her new-found love of Country and Western music in the process. The most emotionally raw of all genres, where heartbreak and misery are celebrated, Country and Western music is unashamedly honest and fearlessly depressing. That is probably why people love it so much...

McBrier has a sundry list of accolades to her name. Hers was the first Edinburgh Free Fringe show to get a ***** review, when Kate Copstick fell for her charms back in 2006. She won the very first "So You Think You're Funny" competition at Glasgow's May Fest. She's the first deaf female comic. A Finalist for Funny Women, Laughing Horse and Nominee for the Malcolm Hardee Award. She is also a qualified Hypnotherapist, has been a counsellor for several years, worked in anger management and has 40 hours of flying time in light aircraft to boot.

So come on down, let's have a drink, play some country and connect. We can ride that lonesome train together...

Martha McBrier performs 'Happiness Bully' at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival from 1st - 25th August. For tickets and more information:

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