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Fefu and Her Friends at Kennedy-McIlwee Studio Theatre


10/23/2019 - 10/27/2019


Kennedy-McIlwee Studio Theatre

2241 Dunn Avenue
Raleigh,NC 27695
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Phone: 919.515.1100

Fefu and Her Friends in Raleigh

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Set in 1935, the play shows a slice of the lives of eight women gathered for a day to rehearse for a charity event. This iconic play by Cuban American writer Maria Irene Fortes focuses on gender roles and the struggle against female stereotypes. It is a snapshot of women interacting with each other without men around. The conversations between the women reveal different levels of loneliness, isolation, and entrapment within the confines of a womans role at the time. They are unhappy in their marriages, in their homes, and in their social lives. The play illustrates the struggle for women to control as many elements and people around them to escape this fate. Fefu and Her Friends is presented in promenade style. The action of the play is presented in different locations in Thompson Hall that the audience travels to to observe.Directed by Rachel KlemProduced by special arrangement with Broadway Play Publishing, Inc.

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