Truth: Mga Dula ng Kabalintunaan at Katotohanan

Truth: Mga Dula ng Kabalintunaan at Katotohanan at Guang Ming College Tagaytay

Dates: (11/17/2023 - 12/22/2023 )


Guang Ming College Tagaytay

Guang Ming College Tagaytay
Tagaytay City, 4120


Phone: 63967-290-9030.

Tickets: Blank-ticketed

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Tagaytay’s Theatre Scene Featuring Acclaimed Theatre Actors is as Hot as its Scenery

Aside from having the beautiful scenery of Taal and being the nearest tourist destination from Manila for cold weather and good food, Tagaytay offers a theatre scene featuring acclaimed theatre actors of Metro Manila collaborating with the ensemble of Guang Ming College Tagaytay.

Located at Patutong Malaki North, about 10 minutes away from the hot tourist spots of Tagaytay like Skyranch and Starbucks Hiraya, the 7-hectare Guang Ming College Tagaytay is a new hub for culture and the arts.

This November and December 2023, Guang Ming Theatre Ensemble opens their Play Festival entitled,

<>“Truth: Mga Dula ng Kabalintunaan at Katotohanan”. Featuring Floy Quintos’ Fake; Cultural Center of the Philippines VLF 18 Revisited Play, Ang Awit ng Dalagang Marmol; and Kanakan Balintagos’ Ang Paraan ng Paglipad.

In contemporary times when perspectives are weighed more than facts, how can one differentiate truths from lies? Guang Ming Theatre Ensemble offers theatre as a discourse for the community of spect-actors through its three productions.

<>Fake by Floy Quintos is considered "one of Quintos' most effective plays". Act I opens with the story of Miguel on the Mount Revelations, witnessing Sister Emily see the Virgin Mary but remaining skeptical about the act. Everyone believes in the visionary, Sister Emily, including Lobo, the "fake" Tasaday, and the American poet George, except Miguel. Act II it delves into the final days of Jose Marco, a man who successfully foisted forgeries of the Code of Kalantiao and La Loba Negra, during the Marcos regime until the fake works were debunked by a renowned historian, William Henry Scott. Fake scrutinizes our need as a people to cling and believe in something bigger than ourselves, something even bigger perhaps than truth. This Tagaytay production will be Directed by Baha Vergara | Sound Design by Gwad Buhay Awardee Arvy Dimaculangan| Production and Lights Design by Ateneo Arete’s D Cortezano| Costume Design by Edrian Lorica. Featuring Gino Ramirez | Delphine Buencamino | Nazer Salcedo | Eren Kereci | John Nathaniel Molina| Wincy Ramilo | Raphne Catorce | and the Guang Ming Theatre Ensemble. Show Dates: November 17-18, 7:00 pm; November 18-19, 3:00 pm, Guang Ming College Tagaytay Blackbox

<>Andrew Estacio’s Ang Awit ng Dalagang Marmol is of the three revisited plays in the 2023 Cultural Center of the Philippines' Virgin Laboratory Festival. The play is about a group of “regional” artists who plans to reimagine a popular kundiman, Jocelynang Baliwag. As the group pushes through, untold truths about the song resurface as they also (re)discover the contemporary struggles of Inang Bayan as an iconic image and as the country itself. Ang Awit ng Dalagang Marmol will be Directed by Nazer Degayo Salcedo | Dramaturgy by Philip Regor Catarus | Lights Design by Gabo Tolentino | and Choreography by Marco Almencion. Featuring: Christina Joy Cardenas | Katte Sabate | Lorraine Lisen | Andrew Cruz | Kim Paulino | Jhazmer Acostia | Rocelle Harayo | and the Guang Ming Theatre Ensemble. Show Dates: November 25-26, 7:00 pm; November 25, 3:00 pm, Guang Ming College Tagaytay Blackbox

The mutli-awarded Kanakan Balintagos (Auraeus Solito) who made the films Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros, Pisay and theatre productions such as Mga Buhay na Apoy and M. Butterfly will be directing the final offering in December, <>Ang Paraan ng Paglipad, the first dramatization of the Dumaracol epic by the Calamianes Tagbanua of Palawan. Written and Directed by: Kanakan Balinatgos | Dramaturgy: Eli Guieb | Chant Direction: Arjay Viray | Choreography: JM Cabling | Sound Design (Percussions): Jacques Duofort | Production Design Consultant: Mark Dalacat | Set Design: Wincy Ramilo | Lights Design: Gabo Tolentino | Production Management: Tresha Amando | Stage Management: Ralph Jade Tampal | Assistant Chreography: Bryan Loquiso | Featuring: Alab Usman | Joie Eborde | Chan Rabutazo | Maron Rozelle Mabana | Arjay Viray | Katte Sabate | Nazer Salcedo | Heidi Emelo | Alon Sinag | Aubrey Savet | Kheem Pedrosa | Alpas Adlawon | Julius Verdeflor | KC Aquino | Ian Habagat | Piolo Orong | Christian Replentes and the Guang Ming Theatre Ensemble Show Date: December 21-22, 7:00 pm, Guang Ming College Tagaytay Blackbox

These are all blank-ticketed productions. For ticket reservations, register through this link or message the Guang Ming Theatre Ensemble Facebook page or call 0967-290-9030.

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