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BWW Blog: Last-Minute Broadway Halloween Costumes

I’m here to help the theatre-lover in a pinch with a list of WICKEDly fun and creative costumes!

BWW Blog: Last-Minute Broadway Halloween CostumesBOO! Halloween is less than a week away! Do you have your costume ready for your Zoom costume party, handing out candy to trick or treaters, or a spooky social distancing soiree? No? Well, I'm here to help the theatre-lover in a pinch with a list of WICKEDly fun and creative costumes that you can create from your own closet or with some help from the racks at a local store! Of course all these costumes are for whatever gender- wear what you want, especially on Halloween! Let's begin!

  1. Orpheus from Hadestown- this dreamy, lovestruck poet look can be created in a flash! All you need is a white t-shirt, a pair of gray pants or old jeans (if you don't have them, see if you can borrow from a family-member or friend, or find cheap ones in your size from Goodwill!), and a pair of neutral-colored suspenders (you can order a pair for $5.00 or less on Amazon, check Goodwill, search the local Halloween pop-up store, or get a pair from Walmart for $10!), and a red bandana (sold for $2 or less at any craft store). Once you have your attire on, roll in the grass for a bit to make yourself and your shirt sufficiently grungy, then you're all ready to go. For an added flair you could buy a fake red flower from any craft store flower section, or carry a real or cardboard cutout of a mandolin, ukulele, or guitar - you'll have all the ladies saying "Wait for Me" as you walk away!

  2. The Phantom of the Opera- I was the Phantom in 7th grade, and this costume was a BREEZE! You can find a cheap cape from any Halloween store, or even cut one out of a black trash bag! Just throw on a pair of black dress pants, a white dress shirt, a black vest (if you want), and top it with that fancy black cape. Now slick your hair back with a hair product of your choosing (tuck long hair into the back of your cape and shirt so it doesn't show), and grab a half-formed white mask- you can find one of these for under $5 at any pop-up Halloween or party store, order one on Amazon for very cheap, or even make your own out of cardboard painted white or covered in paper. Now grab a red rose from the supermarket for $2 or a fake one from the local craft store and you're all set to find your Angel of Music!

  3. Peter Pan/Wendy Darling/Smee from Peter Pan- How can you go wrong with these DARLING costume choices? For Peter, wear a green shirt with a belt overtop, green or black leggings, and a green hat (if you can't find one, you can easily make a newspaper hat out of green paper) topped with a dashing red feather. For Wendy, just wear a short sleeved blue dress (you can find one for cheap at places like Old Navy or Goodwill!) and tie your locks back with a ribbon. For Smee, find a white and blue striped shirt (or even a white shirt painted with blue stripes or striped with blue duct tape!), black, blue, or khaki shorts, a red stocking cap (time to dig out that old Santa hat you have hiding and roll it up so the white fur doesn't show!). Finish off your look with a pair of glasses and some blush on your nose!

  4. SpongeBob and Squidward from SpongeBob Squarepants: The Broadway Musical: Want to show your pals your more than "Just a Simple Sponge?" Dress as SpongeBob himself in a yellow short-sleeved button down shirt (found at Goodwill or Amazon), suspenders (refer back to the Orpheus costume description for places to find those!), and dark khaki, brown, or brown plaid pants! Finish up your outfit with a red tie (try borrowing from friends or family if you don't have one!) and some hair gel to give your hair a slight triangle point in the middle of your head. As for Squidward, an orange or brown polo and teal pants are the key (try checking at Goodwill or local thrift stores for these color pants- if not, spray paint a pair of old jeans!). For some extra tentacles, use door draft stoppers (the long, skinny, plushy things) and SAFELY poke wire through them, allowing the DIY tentacles to curl upwards at the end. Make sure to spray paint your tentacles to match your pants, and then tuck them into the belt loops on your pants or super glue them to the sides of the pants! If you feel so inclined, find some blue hair spray (for under $5 at your local party or Halloween store), and spray that baby all over your coiff!

  5. Donna from Mamma Mia!- You'll be the winner taking ALL the prizes with this easy, cute, and clever look! All you need is a pair of overalls (you know the drill- borrowing from friends or family or hunting for some at thrift stores if you don't already own a pair!), a flowy white shirt or a button up white shirt (roll up the sleeves) underneath, half-up/half down hair in loose waves (or a blond wig if you so desire), and a casual pair of flip flops will have anyone who sees you saying "Honey, Honey!"

Other easy theatre themed costumes you can whip up in a jiff are any of the ladies (and Damian) from Mean Girls, Maria from The Sound of Music, Little Orphan Annie, anyone from Grease, a Mormon from The Book of Mormon, a Newsie, Veronica or one of the Heathers from Heathers, anyone from The Addams Family, and Jenna from Waitress! Good luck with your costumes and have a Happy Halloween!

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