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BWW BLOG: My Ultimate Musical Theatre Persona: As Predicted Through Online Personality Tests

BWW BLOG: My Ultimate Musical Theatre Persona: As Predicted Through Online Personality Tests

Jess here. I've been toying with what to write about this week, so I decided to scroll through Facebook to see if I could find anything that might inspire me. It didn't take long before I came across one of those personality tests; the kind you take where it analyzes your profile and then decides when you'll die, or how many kids you'll have. You know, the type of things that someone would never actually predict if they didn't know you personally. AND THEN. An idea. I decided to put my life into the hands of the internet and let it decide which musical theatre character(s) I most closely resembled, because that's not really something I know. I figured that the World Wide Web, with its vast knowledge of everything, would be able to figure me out with some basic personality questions. So here it is - my experience and thoughts as expressed in an interview format. Enjoy.

QUIZ #1:

WWW: What emotion describes you as a person?

JV: Excitable.

WWW: What word best matches your personality?

JV: Cheeky. (These questions are almost identical)

WWW: What is your favorite food?

JV: Sweets/Cake.

WWW: Can you keep a secret?

JV: ...Yes. (Sometimes)

WWW: Do you enjoy musicals?

JV: (Reflects on major at OCU) Yes.

WWW: You are Eponine from Les Miserables!!! You are very independent and like to be on your own, but sometimes you love to be with friends and family. You fall in love very easily and are easily attached to people. When people first meet you they think you are quiet but once they get to know you they realize that you have a fun-loving bubbly personality.

JV: Huh.

So needless to say, I was a little shocked about my Broadway persona. I was especially enthused by the fact that it told me something about my love life, despite the fact that none of the questions were even related to romance. Anyway, I decided to try again, this time with a new website. A new perspective. A FRESH start.

QUIZ #2:

WWW: What is your age?

JV: 18 to 24 years old.

WWW: What's your personal style?

JV: I like down-to-earth, but flirty style. (I don't even know what that's supposed to mean.)

WWW: What's your type of guy?

JV: I'm attracted to the modest, funny, talented guys.

WWW: My general personality is...

JV: Opinionated, whimsical, tidy, helpful.

WWW: If you were in a musical, you'd like to-

JV: Transform myself into a princess.

WWW: YOU'RE 66% LAURIE! Like this sassy cowgirl from "Oklahoma," you are pure and hardworking, a hometown girl with pizzazz. You sure 'nuff ain't gonna let just ANY cowboy sweep you off your feet... unless he's got curly blonde hair and can sing sweet as maple sugar! Look out for guys named "Judd" and definitely don't go on a date with one. You're the town sweetheart!

You're also 64% Mary Poppins.

So the funny part here is that not once in my life have I considered myself a Laurie. Back home I played Ado Annie. Once. But Laurie? I'm not super convinced, yet I am slightly curious as to whether or not any "Judds" actually exist in the world. I'll conduct further research in the future. Also, 66% plus 64% definitely adds up to more than 100%. But nonetheless, since I have no self-control, I decided to take ONE final test. Just to indulge myself.

QUIZ #3:

WWW: What do you want to be when you're older?

JV: I want to sing. Sing with someone who cares about me. I want to perform.

WWW: Which one of the following phrases would you find most useful to yourself?

JV: Life is for living! There's a whole world out there!

WWW: Would you say you are:

JV: Confused about life. (I thought this was so funny, OML)

WWW: You spend most of your time feeling:

JV: Curious. (Closest thing they had to skeptical)

WWW: Which Disney character do you relate to?

JV: Peter Pan. (FOR REAL THOUGH - this is a dream role.)

WWW: For 40% you are Princeton from Avenue Q! You are still trying to find your purpose in life. But just remember, you have some great friends, let them stick by you!

For 40% you are also Ariel from the Little Mermaid! People tell you things about places, when you want to see them for yourself. Never give up! You can do anything if you try!


I definitely think it's interesting that the WWW "sees" me as such starkly different characters. I feel like this experiment not only helped me on my journey, BUT also confused me further regarding which path actually represents my "true musical theatre persona."

In other news, if anyone is in the market for an Eponine, Laurie, Princeton, Ariel hybrid...let me know..

"My blue-eyed Sarah, warm Joanne, sweet Jenny, loving Susan, crazy Amy, Wait for me!" - Stephen Sondheim

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