Tour dates run through May 2023!

By: Mar. 10, 2023
On Your Feet (Non-Equity) Show Information
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Samuel Garnica is a professional actor, dancer, singer and voiceover from Caracas, Venezuela, who is currently performing at the National Tour of the Broadway show On your Feet!
On Your Feet (Non-Equity)
Samuel Garnica, Gaby Albo & OYF! National Tour Cast
On your feet! is the inspiring true story about heart, heritage and two people who believed in their talent-and each other-to become an international sensation: Gloria and Emilio Estefan. It opened on Broadway in 2015 starring the one and only Ana Villafañe, as the original Gloria Estefan. There have been several international and national productions and adaptations since then, like this 2nd National tour.
The story of Emilio and Gloria Estefan, took the roads one more time with the 2nd Broadway National Tour last November. The new production is directed and choreographed by Luis Salgado; performer of the original cast of OYF! Broadway and one of the most successful performers of the Broadway Latin Community. The show runs through May 2023 and to purchase tickets or see tour dates/cities click HERE.
On Your Feet (Non-Equity)
Emilio Estefan, Gloria Estefan, Gaby Albo & Samuel Garnica -Photo Credit: DJ Corey-
In this new production of the show, Samuel Garnica shines in the role of Emilio Estefan, Gloria Estefan's husband and lifelong career partner. Funny story, when the OYF auditions opened in 2022, Samuel actually auditioned for the role of Gloria Estefan's dad, and was lucky enough to get the project as non other man than Emilio Estefan!
Samuel opened on this role, at the world premiere of the spanish version of On Your Feet! in May 2022. This very first spanish production (with English subtitles) was presented at the GALA Hispanic Theatre, in Washington DC and was also directed and choreographed by original Broadway cast member Luis Salgado.
As a member and editor of BBW, I was able to see this show on Broadway several times and with different casts. Recently I had the opportunity to go to Florida and see this specific production and I must say that I was surprised and delighted with the delivery of the cast. Although the entire team is wonderful, Samuel, in particular, transports you through time and place, and immerses you in the Latin culture like nobody else. His acting skills cannot be denied, and his voice is absolutely amazing. But above all things, I highlight his artistic quality, his energy, and his professionalism. Sam Makes you leave the theater adoring this character.
On Your Feet (Non-Equity)
Emilio Estefan & Samuel Garnica

" Samuel Garnica is fabulous as Emilio. He has a great singing voice and a strong, sexy presence" "He is a solid actor, with several very funny moments as well as some drama" The Column.

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" Samuel Garnica inhabits Emilio with a balanced brew of overt Charisma and underlying intensity" The Washington Post.
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In an exclusive interview, Sam says that he deeply admires OYF! for celebrating the Latin community, their culture, rhythms, idiosyncrasies and the value of being immigrants. He also admires the Estefans for having been able to crossover taking their music beyond South America, not only benefiting themselves but also creating space for Latino artists who nowadays are music icons such us Ricky Martin, J-lo and Shakira.

On Your Feet (Non-Equity)
Samuel Garnica - On Your Feet! National Tour
In Caracas, Samuel studied and graduated from the Venezuelan Catholic University as a Social Communicator, and parallel to his studies, he joined the theater group of that same university and it was then when he began to approach the stage, and also began to love it.
He traveled to NY in 2014 with the aim of studying English because he considered that speaking English would open new doors in his life. To his surprise, once in the city, doors began to open for him fast but in the Latino artistic community, something that he never imagined. Taking advantage of the momentum, he began to venture out and introducing himself to different Latin theater venues and more and more opportunities began to arise for him.
Samuel's story is similar to that of many other immigrants who come to New York City with dreams and goals but have a rocky start. At first he had to work for free on various theater projects, but then as he became more well known in the community, he began associating himself with theaters that put on plays in English, and one thing led to another until he landed on the OYF! auditions. The beginning was hard, but it did not stop the actor from achieving his dreams.
On Your Feet (Non-Equity)
Photo Credit: Javier Iván
Samuel stands out for his dedication, work ethic and professionalism, qualities that have earned him various recognitions and awards such as: ATI Award (Independent Theater Artists), Fuerza Fest, ACE Award (association of Latin Entertainment Critics of New York), and LATA Award (Latin Alternative Theater Award), among others.
He has also received a HOLA Award. HOLA stands for 'Hispanic Organization of Latino Actors', it is an organization that fights for the rights of Hispanic actors in the entertainment industry. Because of Samuel's hard work and collaboration there, he was also awarded the New York Mayor's Certificate of Recognition for Service.
Samuel has shown that he is a complete artist, not only is he currently on the On Your Feet! Tour, but he continues to work as a Voice Over for different brands and it is on his agenda to continue auditioning for future shows. He is also working on personal musical projects to be released as soon as they are ready and as mentioned above, he is active at the Hispanic Organization of Latino Actors.
On Your Feet (Non-Equity)
Photo Credit: Javier Iván
¨ With perseverance, hard work, patience and prayers, it will all be worth it. Prepare for your craft as an artist, as if you were a high performance athlete. If you put in the time and effort to fulfill your dreams, I promise it will pay off¨ Samuel Garnica.


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