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Posted: August 20, 2014
Audition Location: Charlotte, NC

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The Murder Mystery Company is one of the largest dinner theaters in the world and is currently searching for a director to run the Charlotte branch of The Murder Mystery Company. Performing over 5000 shows a year all across the country, this is a terrific opportunity to make your mark in the Charlotte theater scene and enjoy a great job working with great people!

The Director Position will require set hours a week dependent upon the quantity of shows during that week (dependent upon contract) and will consist of the following tasks:

Hold 2 consistently scheduled rehearsals a week in a central location to the troupe
Attend mandatory Conference Calls once per month (scheduled 6 months in advance)
Hold auditions for new Actors needed in the troupe
Prepping and building show bins for upcoming scheduled shows (can be delegated to AD with monitoring)
Reorganizing and checking show bins returning from scheduled shows, Post Show Reports (can be delegated to AD with monitoring)
Casting upcoming scheduled shows no less than 3 weeks in advance (when permitted based on show)
Reporting both Director and (if applicable) Assistant Director weekly hours worked
Depositing all show payments (when applicable)
Reporting Mugshot Memento sales
Reporting At Show Leads
Reporting Monthly Receipt Logs for the MMC Credit Card
Uploading all suspect photos to The Murder Mystery Company's Facebook account (can be delegated to AD with monitoring)

Interested applicants should email

Auditions will follow shortly after so stay tuned!

Have a killer day!
The Murder Mystery Company

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