SOMEWHERE I CAN SCREAM - The Players Theatre Non Equity Auditions

Posted: January 10, 2020
Audition Location: New York, NY

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Auditions for the play, SOMEWHERE I CAN SCREAM, a full-length true-crime drama written by Amy Drake and directed by Kevin Davis, will be held on Jan. 18 from 1:00-5:00 pm at Ripley-Grier Studios located at 520 8th Ave between 36th and 37th Streets in New York. Performances will run on weekends from Apr 3-26 at The Players Theatre Please contact Amy Drake at to set up an appointment. Non-equity. Paid.

Cast of characters:

            (The characters can be doubled in the following manner.)


James H. Snook—male, 46 years old, 6’2”, average build, round glasses, handsome and charming. Professor of veterinary science at a large Midwestern college and former Olympic athlete. Academically smart and egotistical. Charismatic and chauvinistic.


Daniel Lightener—Male, tall, thin, 30 years old. Reporter from a major newspaper, eager to make a name for himself. Values the truth. Honest and fair. Curious and sympathetic.


Theora Hix—Female, 23-years-old. Tall, beautiful, seductive. Strong willed. Sharp mind. Eager to break free from her religious upbringing. Embraced the women’s movement. Believes in freedom to choose a career and a lover.


Mrs. Helen Snook—Female, 40-years-old. Pleasingly plump. Concerned with her physical appearance and dress, and how she appears to others through her social status. Dr. Snook’s outwardly devoted wife


John F. Seidel—Male, 45 years old. Moustache, glasses, bookish demeanor, attorney for the defense. Has a soft spot for Helen.


Mr. Marion Meyers—Male, 28-years-old, professor of agriculture, steady, calm demeanor traditional/ Judge Scarlett—Male, 58-years-old, tall. stern, graying hair


Ephraim Johnson—Male, 28-years-old, African-American, groundskeeper, caring cautious/Bailiff—Male, 28-year-old, no-nonsense, concerned with doing his job well


Detective Cloud—Male, 45-years-old, unflappable, police department investigator/ John Seyfert—Male, 45-years-old, attorney for the defense, more eager to get through the trial than to dig for evidence


Jack Chester—Male, 30-years-old, mean, bully, will step on anyone to get ahead, county prosecutor/Policeman—Male, 30-yeaqrs-old, just doing his duty/ Jury Foreman, Charles Baird—Male, 30-years-old, self-righteous, stuffy concerned with seeing justice done


Agnes—Female, 23-years-old, Irish immigrant, limited education/Alice Bustin—.Female, 23-years-old, educated, but incredulous


Mildred—Female, 24-years-old, Irish-immigrant, world-weary/Bertha Dillon—Female, 24-yeats-old, sister of Alice Bustin, educated, questioning, suspicious


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