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The Twelve Dancing Princesses

3/2/2013 - 3/2/2013
First Act Children's Theatre
Point of Grace Church, 7026 Raymond Rd.
Madison, WI WI 53719
Phone: 608/358-9572

The Twelve Dancing Princesses in Madison

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New! We are very pleased to offer a new short-day format for our Super Saturday participants! King Percival and Queen Penelope are at their wits end! They cannot solve the riddle of why their twelve daughters keep wearing out the soles of their slippers. Little do they know that the castle fairies are assisting the Princesses in escaping every night to dance until the dawn! When Stephen the shoemaker offers to solve the mystery, the Princesses give him a run for the money! Staged beautifully with plenty of Princess Crowns and dresses in classic fairy-tale fashion, this is a play that is sure to please everyone involved!

Our "Play in a Day" format includes auditions, rehearsal and performance of a short play. This includes costumes and a small setting as well. The students do not need to prepare anything ahead of time; everything is done on the single day of camp. The camps are designed to be low-pressure, fun introductions to theatre for beginning actors, regardless of age. For those youth actors with more experience, we offer a few more challenging roles to keep them engaged for the day. Each camp has a performance "showcase" at the end of the day where we share our play with an invited audience.

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