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The All-Male, Late-Night Beauty and The Beast at Santa Monica Playhouse


6/9/2017 - 7/29/2017


Santa Monica Playhouse

418 Pier Ave. #202
Santa Monica,CA 90401

Tickets Info

Phone: 310-394-9779 x1
Running Time: 75 minutes

The All-Male, Late-Night Beauty and The Beast in Los Angeles

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Celebrating Pride Month with the All-Male Late-Night Date-Night production of the acclaimed musical comedy,?a charmingly original adaptation of that most gloriously romantic love story with a new twist. Set in a fantasy Medieval milieu "long, long ago," a lovely and spirited Beauty takes charge of her fate and molds herself a most endearing Beast, who offers her a rose garden of a thousand and one delights. Replete with ditzy sisters, a befuddled sire, a spell-binding sorceress and a flamboyantly foppish suitor, who all inadvertently or intentionally strew more than a few thorns along Beauty and her Beast's arduous, and ardor-ous, path. A story where loves wins out, allowing all to find their happily-ever-after endings, and prove that beauty is as beauty does and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Ages: mature audiences

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