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That'll Play Podcast Welcomes Jessica Howell; Talks Work in Theatre & on MASTERS OF SEX

The new episode of That'll Play with Matt & John Podcast, called "Moxie Lady" features Los Angeles based actress, Jessica Howell. Jessica discusses her upcoming role in Season 2 of the Showtime original series, "Masters of Sex."

Listen to the full episode below.

Matt and John also ask Jessica about her experiences at the Cannes Film Festival promoting two feature films called "Courting Chaos and "Pull Away". Jessica also shares her comedic side in the web series "Girls on The Street" and her current theater run in "The Max Factor Factor," at the NoHo Arts Center in Los Angeles.

For more information on Jessica, visit her website, or follow her on Twitter @howell_i_roll.


The show is hosted by two creative professionals that have been friends for 10 years who started the podcast to provide a creative outlet to express their thoughts on the topics they are passionate about. They also involve guests in the creative field to interview and give a broader insight into their respective industries. Episodes focus on film, music, sports and all things pop culture. That'll Play with Matt and John can be found on iTunes and Stitcher. You can also get past episodes on their website.



"Hey listeners. I'm John Nuzzi, Co-host of That'll Play. This is my quick sell on myself so the pressure is on to impress you. I will have to make this bio longer then a Tweet unfortunately, so focus hard. If you can handle the light reading then lean in and get comfortable with the next few paragraphs about my thoughts, background and accomplishments...

I was born, raised and currently reside on Long Island, the next door neighbor of the greatest city in the world, New York City. New York City is the only place in the world where it smells like millions of dollars and homeless people at the same exact time. It's got everything you would possibly want in the typical metropolis environment, with the exception of winning sports franchises. The greatest city in the world's teams shouldn't be losing to B market teams from the middle of no where. That's my motivation for getting this podcast going, folks. I want New York and it's residents to have something to root for again.

Still with me over there? Ok, great.

I will mention my current accomplishment. I could easily list all my professional goals and fancy media jobs that I've had but this isn't a LinkedIn page. Sorry. Being a Co-Host of That'll Play is my current accomplishment and I'll explain why in the next sentence. It took a lot of work and passion to get this off the ground and running, so you the listener(s) are getting a top notch product.

With that being said, gear up and I'll see you out there on the field. That'll Play."


"Greetings, loyal subscribers, listeners and followers. My name is Matt Candela, and I'll be one of your co-hosts for the duration of this podcast. For the select few of you that are interested, I am obligated by social convention to tell you things about myself.

Like Mr. Nuzzi, I am a Long Island native who has developed a healthy love/hate relationship for the strip of land I call home. You can't beat the amenities, but the traffic can turn even the most mild-mannered Bruce Banner into a green rage monster. To distract myself from such things, I spend a lot of my spare time playing and reading about sports, watching an absurd amount of movies, and indulging in the abundant local Italian cuisine.

I am a Graphic Designer by day, but by night my true passions lie with the film and entertainment world. That's how I came on board with That'll Play. John is a music aficionado, I can recite the script of Jaws scene-for-scene, and we're both nuts for professional sports, technology and entertainment. So we figured we could have a good time talking about those things and being wise-asses for an hour.

Seriously though folks, we're having a great time doing this show, and we hope you have as great a time listening to it. And hey, maybe you'll learn something along the way...

No guarantees.

That'll Play."

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