GRAPE CULTURE to Play Hollywood Fringe Festival Next Month

Performances begin June 17th at Broadwater (Second Stage).

By: May. 25, 2024
GRAPE CULTURE to Play Hollywood Fringe Festival Next Month
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In a tragicomedy unveiling grape culture, comedian and internet sensation Toni Nagy will join forces with performance artist Sarah Buckner. Together, they expose the insidious dominance without consent, peeling away the predatory programming suffocating society. Through comedy, dance, film, storytelling, and clowning, they thrust audiences into a raw exploration of trauma. Integral to the narrative are evocative songs that propel the story forward, weaving together moments of introspection and revelation. Rejecting rationalization, they assert that feeling, not thinking, is the path to healing. With irreverent humor, they unveil the unsettling reality: grape culture isn't just a part of our culture, it is our culture, challenging viewers to confront uncomfortable truths. 

Toni and Sarah embark on a courageous journey to confront the pervasive and insidious grip of rape culture through the transformative power of comedy and art. Understanding the ancient wisdom that comedy serves as a vehicle for exploring tragic truths, they navigate the depths of their own trauma, refusing to shy away from the discomfort and pain that accompanies it.

Rejecting the notion that rational dialogue alone can dismantle the entrenched systems of oppression, Toni and Sarah advocate for a deeper, more visceral approach to healing. They assert that to unravel the millennia-long conditioning of rape culture, one must first connect with the raw emotions embedded in the soul and spirit.

Through a series of unashamed and raw conversations, Toni and Sarah invite audiences of all genders to partake in a collective reckoning with feminism and the universal suffering inflicted by rape culture. Their performance is a poignant reminder that healing is not a linear journey; it is messy, nonlinear, and often met with resistance even in spaces intended for safety and support.

With compassion and care, Toni and Sarah guide the audience through a narrative that exposes the toxic tendrils of power and control woven into the fabric of society. They bravely reenact their own traumas, challenging the audience to confront the uncomfortable realities of victim-blaming, gaslighting, and distrust that permeate our culture.

"Grape Culture" is not merely a performance; it is a call to action, a plea for collective revolution. With every scene, Toni and Sarah strip away the layers of pain and suffering to reveal the raw humanity beneath, fostering an environment where healing and transformation can flourish. This isn't just entertainment; it's a transformative experience designed to spark change and usher in a new paradigm of understanding and empathy.

"In this show, we're not just discussing isolated tragedies; we're delving into the pervasive nature of rape culture—a phenomenon that affects us all," asserts Toni. "Many assume it's an issue that doesn't directly touch them, but this production exposes how deeply ingrained rapey consciousness permeates society. We're not here to assign blame but to unveil the power dynamics enabling rape culture's persistence. Society accepts discussing most crimes openly, yet mentioning 'rape' often silences rooms. Victims face discomfort, distrust, and blame when they speak out, while perpetrators are also burdened by silence. By avoiding direct conversation, we perpetuate secrecy and hinder healing. Sweeping rape culture under the rug or relying on high-profile arrests won't suffice. To heal collectively, we must openly confront rape culture from all angles. This show challenges us all to participate in the dialogue and acknowledges that we're all part of the solution. Pun intended!"  


Starring: Toni Nagy and Sarah Buckner. Produced by Fringe Management.

Location: Broadwater (Second Stage), 6320 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90038


Monday June 17 2024, 6:30 PM 

Friday June 21 2024, 9:00 PM

Wednesday June 26 2024, 9:30 PM

Saturday June 29 2024, 5:00 PM

Sunday June 30 2024, 12:30 PM


TICKET LINK:  The Hollywood Fringe Festival - grape culture

Appropriate for ages 16+
Running time: 60 minutes 


Michael Blaha, Fringe Management (Producer) an entertainment attorney, law professor, arbitrator, and prolific stage and film producer, boasts an impressive array of credits spanning Los Angeles and beyond. In LA, he's produced acclaimed stage productions like "Bloody Poetry" (Beverly Hills Playhouse), "Cinderella" (UCLA Freud Theater, featuring Zsa Zsa Gabor), and "Job: The Hip-Hopera" (Stella Adler Theater, garnering Los Angeles Drama Critics and LA Weekly Best Musical nominations). As a Fringe Festival veteran, he's earned accolades for productions like "Richard Parker" and "Afghanistan is Not Funny." His international endeavors include nearly 100 shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and successful London runs featuring renowned acts like The Pajama Men. A founding producer of Sci-Fest LA, he championed science fiction plays by luminaries like Ray Bradbury and Neil Gaiman. In film, his credits include award-winning works like "Chi Girl" and "The Legend of Beaver Dam." Committed to nurturing emerging talent, he serves on the boards of New Musicals, Inc., Impro Theatre, and Filmmakers' Alliance.

Sarah Buckner, a performance and visual artist, delves into body, spirituality, witchcraft, feminism, and self-realization. Graduating Summa Cum Laude from Savannah College of Art and Design, she studied Performing Arts, Dance, and Photography on a scholarship. Recognized as a top Graduate by American Photo Magazine, she pursued a Master of Fine Arts at Duke University, focusing on feminist theory. Her thesis work is housed in the Duke Documentary Archives. Sarah's exhibitions span the globe, including the Louvre in France and PH21 Gallery in Budapest. A Lucie Awards finalist at Carnegie Hall, she's acclaimed for her documentary series. Founder of Blood, Bone, and Honey LLC, Sarah is a sought-after artist, coach, and somatics practitioner since 2018.

Lee Costello (Producer) has been producing theatre in Los Angeles for two decades. Her many credits include Nia Vardalos's original one-woman version of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and Dan Castellaneta's “Where Did Vincent van Gogh?” She produced numerous performances for The Second City Los Angeles, including “Totally Looped,” “Opening Night: The Musical,” and “The Second City Alumni Jam.” She produced SCI-FEST LA: The Los Angeles One-Act theatre Festival from 2014-2016 with partners Michael Blaha and David Dean Bottrell. Most recently Lee was the production supervisor on “For Piano and Harpo” at The Falcon Theatre, recently renamed The Garry Marshall Theatre.

Toni Nagy, a stand-up comedian and content creator, is renowned for her viral videos blending interpretive dance with philosophical musings. With 600,000 social media followers, her comedy, characterized as quasi-radical and pseudo-philosophical, sparks laughter and introspection. Toni's work, akin to a shroom micro-dose evolving into a macro-dose revelation, challenges perceptions. As founder of Cavelight Productions, she's directed films, written award-winning screenplays, and graced stages from LA's Comedy Store to NYC's Broadway Comedy Club. Recognized for socially conscious humor, Toni also owns SideStream Studios, promoting somatics, dance, and art.

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