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BWW Reviews: JAGGED LITTLE PILL IN CONCERT Triumphs at Rockwell

If you grew up in the '90s, you know exactly how Alanis Morissette impacted music. She burst onto the scene with her hit single "You Outta Know" and followed it with hit after hit all from her album Jagged Little Pill. Alanis shaped an entire generation of strong women and her powerful voice, attitude, and unique style are not easily replicated, but the cast of Jagged Little Pill in concert: A Tribute to the Music of Alanis Morissette manage to do just that and more.

Musical Director and Arranger, Jonah Platt with Director, Kate Sullivan Gibbens, manage to achieve a technical and musically compelling storyline within the Rockwell venue, utilizing every inch of space. The apparel cast members wear transport you back to the mid-'90s when plaid, baggy pants, and choker necklaces reigned supreme. The voices of the performers fill the room, their strong, unified sound coming at you from every corner. They congregate in the center where a raised area serves as their stage where they begin the story.

Every familiar song receives a fresh arrangement and each voice enhances and elevates the original material. "All I Really Want" starts the show, introducing the audience to the characters and giving a taste of what's in store. The vocals soar over the music but no one shouts, no one screams. It's a hard-hitting punch of a vocal arrangement that makes you pay attention. Other standouts include, "One Hand in My Pocket," "Right Through You," "You Learn," and "Mary Jane" with the latter two songs offering a perfect harmonic blend in the chorus that left me with chills. "Wake Up," was just as impactful, created as a duet with the ensemble providing a powerful chorus. The show concludes with "Your House" performed a cappella by the entire cast. If they didn't manage to win you over throughout the show (which, I don't know how that could possibly happen) then perhaps the last song will convince you. The cast begin singing in the back of the room, each individual making their way to the front until they're one voice, united once again in perfect harmony.

Caitlin Ary played the role of the lead character creating a perfect balancing act of acting and stunning vocals. Nathan Parrett, Tyler Scheef, Richie Garcia serve as male leads with gorgeous tenor voices. Sarah Petrella's mesmerizing in her scenes, vocally charged and compelling to watch. Lindsay Pearce embodied '90s Alanis perfectly with plaid shirt wrapped around her waist and hair in tight braids reminiscent of many Alanis videos. She's a dynamic actress with a powerful voice to match. Kyra Selman and Jillian Beard fill out every scene, their voices contributing beautifully to every scene in which they're featured.

Jagged Little Pill is certainly a triumph but Jagged Little Pill in concert: A Tribute to the Music of Alanis Morissette at Rockwell brings something new and original to the songs they cover. If you're in the Los Angeles area, go see this show. I promise you a musical experience you won't soon forget.

Photo Credit: Aimee Curameng

Caitlin Ary and Nathan Parrett

Caitlin Ary, Nathan Parrett, Jillian Beard

Richie Garcia

Sarah Petrella

Lindsay Pearce

Kyra Selman and Caitlin Ary

Richie Garcia and Lindsay Pearce

Jillian Beard

Lindsay Pearce, Sarah Petrella, Caitlin Ary

Caitlin Ary and Nathan Parrett

Caitlin Ary and Nathan Parrett

Caitlin Ary and Sarah Petrella

Caitlin Ary and Sarah Petrella

Tyler Scheef and Kyra Selman

The cast of Jagged Little Pill in concert

The cast of Jagged Little Pill in concert

The Album Project: Jagged Little Pill in concert - A Tribute to the Music of Alanis Morissette plays Fridays and Saturdays at Rockwell. Go to for ticket information.

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