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2022 Holly Weird Film Festival Announces Lineup

12 films from around the world were selected for the 2022 season from over 400 submissions worldwide.

2022 Holly Weird Film Festival Announces Lineup

The 4th annual Holly Weird Film Festival has announced the lineup for the 2022 season. Celebrating true original underground filmmaking, Holly Weird celebrates and showcases independent films of all genres that feature a distinct vision, a unique voice, or an avant-garde challenge to what is expected or accepted. The festival is making it's mission to showcase the work of filmmakers who defy independent visions.

"It's important for original underground filmmakers to have a venue to share their work with the world", says the festival's founder, award-winning underground filmmaker Jack Truman. "As a filmmaker, I know how hard it is for underground filmmakers to make their movie. It's important for them to share their art. I'm proud of the diversity in this year's lineup. Films are from around world, and 4 of the 12 selections are from female directors. There is an audience out there that is hungry for true, original independent film that defies the norm. We're focused on the unique and innovative, and are thrilled to bring the other side of film to the entertainment capital of the world".

12 films from around the world were selected for the 2022 season from over 400 submissions worldwide. Included are short and feature narrative, documentary and experimental films. The range of countries selected include Australia, the Netherlands and the United States. Some of the films to be included is the feature film "Vulveeta" by Maria Breauz, and short films "The Fringes of Burlesque", "How Many Licks" and "Sedalia".

July's in-person festival event will take place on July 10th at The Good Nite in North Hollywood, California.

"We have an electric lineup of amazing films scheduled for this season", states Truman. "These films will shock the world".

More about the festival can be found on the Holly Weird FilmFreeway page at .

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The Fringes of Burlesque - Jack Truman (12 Minutes) (Missouri)

Monster - Henk Loorbach (3 Minutes) (Netherlands)

How Many Licks - Moses Venegas (2 Minutes) (California)

Her False Self - Rachel Mason (7 Minutes) (California)

30 Second Thoughts - David Baeumler (3 Minutes) (North Carolina)

House on Fire - Jess Hole (7 Minutes) (Australia)

Attack of the Covid Squirrel - John Schulte (2 Minutes) (California)

Sophie in Furbyland - Pacey Hansen (8 Minutes) (Florida)

Deadbeat - Danielle Morgan (13 Minutes) (New York)

Dear Leviathan - Greg Roensch (3 Minutes) (California)

No Splash Photography Please - Steven LeLeux-Lopez (5 Minutes) (California)

Sedalia - Brandon Pennick (18 Minutes) (Texas)

Feature Film:

Vulveeta - Maria Breux (92 Minutes) (California)

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