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BWW Review: Darsheel Safary On His Theatre Innings And Working With Aamir Khan

BWW Review: Darsheel Safary On His Theatre Innings And Working With Aamir Khan

Child actor Darsheel Safary is exploring the medium of stage. His latest offering Kaise Karenge is making waves in the theatre circuit.

Safary who is known for his role in Aamir Khan starrer Taare Zameen Par, is coming across as a passionate, dedicated actor on stage. His theatre innings look promising according to critics.

Just fresh after rehearsing for his stage play, Safary catches up with Broadway World

You won the nations heart by your role in Taare Zameen Par. What are your memories from the movie set

A1) Usually people don't remember much about something that happened 10-12 years back..but I actually remember so much ..all the way from the school we shot in, the students, the cast and crew members, the hotel we stayed in. It's all one nice big memory which will be close to my heart.
2. Is it a conscious decision to dabble in theatre? Why do you feel being on stage is important for an actor
A2)Yes this was a conscious decision to do theatre. Firstly it was something entirely new that I was doing and I had heard that it is quite helpful for you if you're an actor. Now it's been almost 3 years and I can't get enough of it..there are so many things that you learn from being on changes you as a person and as an helps in understanding a character and that how can one add to also helps you creatively as performing live helps you understand what people like also inspired me to start writing.
3. Tell us about two adorable losers and your role
A3) Two adorable losers is a play that centers around a teacher and student. The teacher is a statistics professor and the student is a 3rd year B.A. weak in statistics. Both have inferiority complex. Thing is the teacher is an Oriya and has a speech to give on the 25th anniversary and is worried about that. The student has a stats paper to give on the very same day. The play covers all these aspects as to how they help each other and presents this in a hilarious way to the audience. Abhishek Pattnaik plays the teacher Prof. Jagannath Mahapatra and I play the student Akshay.
4. Are there any other staff shows or plays you are doing
A4) So there's another play "kaise karenge?" Which we launched on March 17th in Mumbai. It's a Hindi urban drama centering on two brothers. I play the younger brother Saurav Parasrampuria who is a genius aspiring to go to MIT. Abhishek Pattnaik plays the elder brother Kapil who is anything but a genius. After a tragedy it is found out Kapil suffers from multiple personality disorder and two more personalities come out. The play has a philosophy. "when life gives you lemons, just make lemonade out of it". So it show how we make the best out of the situation.
We are performing on Sunday, the 21st April at Royal Opera House.
5. What's happening in life. Are you studying of yes what
A5) I wrote this nice short film which took me like a year to write. I directed it last year. This will come out real soon. I'm just currently focusing on theatre.
6. What are your future plans in performing arts
A6) Acting is my passion and I'll be continuing it irrespective of the fact if it theatre or films. I'd love to do films and theatre side by side in the future.

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