BWW Review: NOISES OFF! at Fargo Moorhead Community Theatre

BWW Review: NOISES OFF! at Fargo Moorhead Community Theatre

For those not familiar with the story, Noises Off is a 1982 play by Michael Frayn. This is a three-act show and each Act hilariously shows us how a play comes together or at least try to get through ONE ACT. Act one shows the final dress rehearsal before the play opens. Act 2 shows a matinee performance about a month later, but in a twist, we see the performance from back stage. Act 3 is a performance near the end of the run. Mix in a few love triangles, fights and wonderful physical and you get a recipe for fun.

This show will have you laughing nonstop. Each Act is even funnier than the last. All nine cast members were wonderful in their roles and we get to see some local stage veterans mix it up with some newer faces.

Dawn Gunderson as Dotty Otley who portrays one of the star of the "play" titled Nothing On. In the play within a play, she plays Mrs. Clackett the housekeeper. She is the first character we meet and we learn quickly that she seems to be a little forgetful.

Tom Gillen as Lloyd Dallas. Lloyd is the director of Nothing On and we first meet him giving directions to Dotty from off stage. Lloyd is the person just trying to get the group through Act 1 before the open he next day. Lloyd is involved in one of the love triangles.

Tommy Hoesley as Garry Lejeune and as Roger in Nothing On. Roger shows up, and not alone, at the house that Dotty is taking care of because it is supposed to be empty. Tommy has a great scene in Act 2 where we get to see him banging his head on the wooden steps in frustration.

Maddie Johnson plays Brooke Ashton who portrays Vicki in Nothing On. Vicki is Rogers's guest in the house and always seems to lose her contacts at the wrong moments.

Meri Quanbeck as Poppy Norton-Taylor is the Assistant Stage Manager and helps Lloyd attempt to keep everything moving smoothly, although I don't think they every achieve smoothly.

Shanna Franzen as Belinda Blair who plays Flavia in Nothing On and one of the owners of the house that is supposed to be empty. Flavia is just trying to have a romantic evening with her husband.

Tom Porath as Freddy as Phillip, Flavia's husband. Flavia and Freddy live in another country to avoid paying taxes and are sneaking home for a romantic evening.

Marshall Downing as Tim Allgood, the over-worked Stage Manager who is running on no sleep and even ends up in the play a few times while also trying to help Lloyd with one of his love triangles.

Steve Poitras as Selsdon Mowbray who portrays The Burglar. Selsdon is elderly, hard of hearing and likes to drink more than he should.

Therefore, you take all nine of these talented actors and actors and put them on stage together and you get one hilarious show. I have not laughed this hard in a long time. I highly recommend you check this out and bring your friends.

**Photos courtesy of Perry Rust

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