TRIAD STAGE 2014-15 SEASON - Triad Stage Auditions

Posted: July 10, 2014

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Triad Stage last 3 shows in 14-15 Season
- EPA by Appointment in NC
Triad Stage | Greensboro, NC
Date of Audition:

Call Type
Equity Principal
Equity Principal Auditions by APPOINTMENT
Wednesday, July 23, 2014
11 AM to 6:30 PM
break 12:30 to 1
Triad Stage
232 South Elm Street
Greensboro, NC 27401
Sloan Rehearsal Hall- Located on the 3rd floor.

Equity actors for the remaining 3 shows in the 2014-15 Season:

Actors should prepare a comedic monologue

Bring picture and resume, stapled together

AEA members without appointments seen as time permits.
Non-AEA actors may also be seen as time permits.
Artistic Director: Preston Lane
· A monitor will not be provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.
AEA members may call the Audition hotline 336/274-0067 x209, or email
Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend.
Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.


See below for basic information on each show:
Creative Team
Run Dates
List of roles available with brief descriptions

See additional/separate notices entitled ''Triad Stage - [show name]'' for more detailed breakdown for that show.

(The Pyrle Theater- Greensboro)
By Carson McCullers
Director: Preston Lane
1st reh: 9/23/14. Runs: 1019 - 11/9/14

*Denotes roles that have been offered and accepted.

Frankie Addams
(Caucasian, 12) Frankie Addams is a rambunctious tomboy. She is in the awkward transition place between childhood and adolescence. Frankie wants to escape her life and creates fantastic ideas about how to run away. However, her plans of grandeur are thwarted by her naïveté. Frankie knows little about the world outside of her home or about adult relationships. She has been motherless since birth and the effect of that shows in her words and actions. She is smart, sassy, rash, gangly and highly emotional. She is ruled by angst and struggles to navigate loneliness as well as the physical and emotional changes of adolescence. She yearns for a connection to an older woman and wants nothing more than to be taken seriously as a young woman. She speaks with a Georgia dialect. Note: Looking for an actress over 18 to play 12.

*Berenice Sadie Brown
(African-American, 45) Bernice Sadie Brown is the housekeeper at the Addams' household. A pragmatist, she is never shy about handing out advice and in no nonsense. She is the closest thing to a mother for Frankie and does not tolerate her nonsense or erratic behavior. She is precise, calming, strong, and wise. Bernice understands the harsh realities of racial discrimination and the difficulties of maintaining loving relationships. She is approaching middle-age but her sexual life is still very active and she is not shy about this fact. She can be sharp and cutting when crossed and always knows how to take care of herself. She speaks with a Georgia dialect.

Royal Quincy Addams
(Caucasian, 45) Royal Quincy Addams is Frankie's father. His wife’s death has turned him into a quiet, serious man with a reserved personality. He is very set in his ways and does not bend easily. He is a loving father but is somewhat oblivious to the struggles of his children. This is partially because he spends most of his time working in his jewelry shop instead of spending time with his family. Addams is stern, commanding, distant, and deliberate. He is one of the few people that has any success with keeping Frankie in line. He speaks with a Georgia dialect.

Mrs. West
(Caucasian, 33) Mrs. West is the epitome of a true “southern” woman. She is a vivacious blonde with a large personality. She is John Henry's mother and adores him to the point of exhaustion. The role of mother is one that defines her and gives her purpose. She is a controlling helicopter parent that tries to do what she believes is best for her child. In so doing she manages to keep him from having any fun. She is demanding, paranoid, and protective. She wants nothing more than for her son to be safe and healthy. She speaks with a Georgia dialect.

*T.T. Williams
(African-American, 40s) T.T. Williams is Berenice's latest boyfriend. He is good, honest, kind and makes a good and honest living at a restaurant. He does not, however, have any qualities that make a woman shiver with excitement. He is more a sweetheart than a stud. He is pompous and large. T.T. lacks the romantic flare that would make him more than a safe, boring partner. He is neither capable nor interested in sweeping a woman off her feet the way more traditionally handsome and romantic men sometimes do. He speaks with a Georgia dialect.

Honey Brown
(African-American, early 20s) Honey Brown is Berenice's foster brother. He is a slender boy who likes bright and snappy clothing. There is an odd mixture of playfulness and hostility in his personality. His light skin tone alienates him from the black community and leaves him with nowhere to belong. As a result, he is left out and finds himself in a lot of trouble. Honey is very aimless and has no aspirations. But he does have talent for playing the horn and excels in academics. Honey has not found a way to apply the talents and leads a restless, unsatisfied life. He lives without a purpose and gets by thanks to the charity of others. Honey refuses to live by the rules of the old south. This can bring out a streak of violence and harshness in him. Honey is looking for somewhere to fit in and wants the respect any man deserves. He speaks with a Georgia dialect.


(The Pyrle Theatre- Greensboro)
By Beth Henley
Director: TBD
1st reh: 3/10/15. Runs: 4/5 - 5/3/15

Lenny Magrath
(Caucasian, 30) Lenora Josephine Magrath is the oldest sister in the family. Her round figure and face coupled with her early hair loss makes her appear much older than her actual age. She is the backbone of the family and desperately attempts to keep peace amongst her sisters. She takes on a lot of responsibility and overburdens herself with family to hide from her own feelings of loneliness. Her loneliness and feelings of inadequacy, has spawned an early midlife crisis for Lenny. She has an undeveloped ovary that has made her sterile and self-conscious. She longs to be a mother and is very maternal towards her sisters. Her struggles with envy and her strong sense of morality often make her resentful. Most of all Lenny is shy, especially with men, and is anxious and fearful of ending up alone. She speaks with a Mississippi dialect.

Meg Magrath
(Caucasian, 27) Margaret MaGrath is the middle sister of the family. She was popular in high school but had a loose reputation as a girl with too many men. Meg can be extremely unsentimental and highly demanding of people. She has a dark sense of humor and fascination with the morbid. Meg is bitter, impatient, and untrusting. She is afraid of failure and of appearing as a weak person. She likes to run wild and has been fond of smoking and drinking since age fourteen. Some took to calling her cheap Christmas trash. She has sad, magic eyes and a singing talent that she has failed to spin into a career. Meg desperately wants more out of life but has not been able to find a way to get it. She speaks with a Mississippi dialect.

Babe Botrelle
(Caucasian, 24) Rebecca Magrath is the youngest sister in the family. She is known to be the prettiest and most faultless sister of them all. The sisters’ Old Grandaddy used to call her his Dancing Sugar Plum. She has an angelic face but a touch of ferocity in her eyes. However, she is immature and suffers from being pampered her whole life and can be completely clueless and unrealistic. Babe has a childlike passion and is very flippant. She tends to ignore her problems and has a very extreme personality, experiencing both joy and misery more strongly than her sisters. She speaks with a Mississippi dialect.

Chick Boyle
(Caucasian, 29) Chick Boyle is the sisters’ first cousin. She appears larger than life with her yellow hair, brightly-colored dresses and shiny red lips. Appearance is paramount for Chick and she is deeply affected by other people’s opinions of her. Chick is bubbly and outspoken but also vain and material. Chick is a “southern belle” through and through. She thrives on town gossip and can be very insensitive, calling things exactly as she sees them. Chick passes judgment easily and will destroy a person’s character quickly. She uses her bluster to mask a deep insecurity and inferiority that runs deep inside her. She speaks with a Mississippi dialect.

Doc Porter
(Caucasian, 30) Doc Porter is Meg’s old boyfriend. He is an attractive man but appears a little worn around the edges and slightly older than his age. His slight limp adds an element of intrigue to his quiet, seductive personality. He married a Yankee woman and has two children. He is stuck somewhere between feeling content and comfortable with his family and feeling unfulfilled because he never followed through with is promising aspirations in the medical field. There is a loneliness that runs through him. He speaks with a Mississippi dialect.

Barnette Lloyd
(26) Barnette Lloyd is Babe’s lawyer. He is a slender, intelligent young man with a learned appearance. Barnette is capable, eager, and confident. His cockiness boarders on a fanatical intensity when he sets his mind on something. Barnette knows how to hold a grudge and has an unflinching determination to achieve vengeance. He must exert a lot of effort to control his excitement. Barnette is successful and views himself as invaluable and indispensable to the people around him. When he hones in on a goal he becomes focused and calculating. He’s a romantic type but has an awkward personality. He speaks with a Mississippi dialect.

(Hanesbrands Theater- Winston-Salem)
By Beth Henley
Director: Preston Lane
1st reh: 4/8/15. runs: 5/6 - 5/24/15

Bess Johnson
(Caucasian, late 20s-early 30s) Bess Johnson is a bright woman at the end of her rope. She is a true romantic that has moved out west to meet the love of her life. Bess’ outlook on life is positive and optimistic but she struggles with severe shyness and continual bad luck. Bess is hypercritical of herself and quick to accept blame from others when something goes wrong. She is naive and overly-trusting of people and that gets her in to trouble. Bess is a singer that finds great joy in music and in sharing it with others. After getting a bit of fame she becomes cold and selfish. As an early settler of the American West; there is an engaged and formal quality to her language, far less casual than contemporary American speech.

Macon Hill
(Caucasian, late 20s-early 30s) Macon Hill is an eccentric woman that sports green goggles and a cape. She is drunk with western fever and eager for an adventure on the frontier. She can hear destiny calling. She likes to write and carries around a pen and paper to jot down inspiration. Macon loves change and cannot be tied down in one place for too long. She also has a harsh side. She is brutally honest, impatient, and untrusting. Macon carries a knife and will readily use others to get ahead herself. But she is strong, competent, and can be very giving. As an early settler of the American West; there is an engaged and formal quality to her language, far less casual than contemporary American speech.

Jack Flan
(Caucasian, early 30s) Jack Flan is a handsome man with an air of wild danger about him. He is strong and impatient. Jack cannot read and hates when people try to help him, either by reading to him or by doing something else for him. He is unpredictable and has an abusive personality. Jack is controlling, obsessive, violent, and short-tempered. He is insecure and seeks to squash the happiness of those around him. His seductive appearance masks a menacing personality. He is overly-ambitions, pursing his goals with little consideration of the consequences that his actions will have for himself or for others. As an early settler of the American West; there is an engaged and formal quality to his language, far less casual than contemporary American speech

William Curtis
(Caucasian, early 30s) William Curtis looks a little rough around the edges. He has a patch eye and a long facial scar from a mining accident. He is a man of the land and tries to make an honest living through endless hard work. William is independent but behaves loyally those he cares about. He aims to treat others with decency and respect. He has a rugged exterior but also an unexpectedly large amount of sensitivity. He is not afraid of doing the dirty work that life on the frontier sometimes requires. Williams is brave and seeks to protect those around him. As an early settler of the American West; there is an engaged and formal quality to his language, far less casual than contemporary American speech.

Professor Elmore Crome
(Caucasian, early 30s) Professor Elmore Crome is a distinguished looking man. He is an upscale academic and is therefore out of sync with the simple western folk. He is very political and uses his authority to manipulate others towards the end of furthering his agenda. He is kind but his interest in people is shallow and extends only so deep as his academic interest in studying them. He treats others as though they were specimens under a microscope. Elmore is wealthy and considers himself to be above most people and is very condescending. As an early settler of the American West; there is an engaged and formal quality to his language, far less casual than contemporary American speech.

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