BWW Interviews: EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL returns to Detroit for a Limited Bloody Good Time!

BWW Interviews: EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL returns to Detroit for a Limited Bloody Good Time!

Evil Dead: The Musical, presented by The Ringwald Theatre and Olympia Entertainment, has return for a limited four-week engagement to the City Theatre inside of the Hockeytown Café in Detroit. The talent of the show could not be more excited to bring the terrifyingly hysterical musical back to life again that is so well loved by fans.

“It’s a great show and a cult classic,” says Tara Tomcsik. “Very rarely can you interact with the actual guests that see the show and they recite the lines back to you, so it makes mean that much more when you are a part of it.”

Tomcsik, a Wixom resident, has returned to the show for that very reason. Last year was her first year with the show and she has fallen in love with it. “I will do it every year until I’m not allowed to do it,” she says. She has learned a few things playing Shellie and Annie for the second year. “It’s very rare that you get to be in show where you are half clothed and then completely covered in blood by the end of it,” she says. “Last year, my hair actually turned pink because it absorbed the blood, so this year I’ll be a brunette so I won’t have pink hair!”

Like Tomcsik, multiple cast and crew are returning to the show because of the fun times they have being part of it. Tim Kay of Hartland is taking on the role of director after performing in the show previously for the past two years. “I loved the show so much, but after two years, I was debating whether or not to do the it again, but I couldn’t help feel really protective of it,” he says, “so I decided to be involved, but in another way.”

Kay is not new to directing as he as directed at Go Comedy in Ferndale and was excited to take on his new role with the show. He finds that having a majority of a returning cast has really helped him focus on the little aspects of the show. “I don’t have to worry about them learning lines,” he says, “I have the luxury of people knowing the show at the first rehearsal, so I can really get my hands dirty tweaking the little stuff, like certain lines or how specific things are done.” Kay used the last two years as template and then adjusted aspects that he thought would work better in a different way.

The show is still in the same space and has the same sets, along with the infamous, fan favorite splatter zone. “The intimate and awesome splatter zone is something the fans look forward to the most,” says Pete Polodoski of Detroit who plays Ash, “they get covered in blood along with us, but don’t worry, it’s washes out and won’t stain forever.”

Polodoski is also returning to the show and loves his character of Ash, who was played by Bruce Campbell in the cult classic movie of the same name. “I try not to play it too similar to Bruce,” he says. “ I just try to make it my own character, but I do have his brown hair and eyes.” According Polodoski, Ash is the typical protagonist who is a good guy and the hero, but faced with a deadly dilemma.

Kay, Tomcsik, and Polodoski all agree that the show is entertaining and perfect for the Halloween season. “It’s one of the funniest shows I’ve ever been in,” says Tomcsik. “It’s a little gory with a comic twist, you will see zombies eating people, hands controlling themselves, and lots of fun with chain saws.” They encourage people who want to sit in the splatter zone to get there early as they are on a first come, first serve basis, but even the non-splatter zone seats will have a great experience.

“The cult following of the movie and show is infectious to everyone, even to first time viewers,” says Kay. “And bottom line, it’s a hilarious show. You are going to come to the show and laugh, I guarantee it.”

Evil Dead: The Musical opened October 4th and runs through October 27th at the City Theatre inside the Hockeytown Café in Detroit. For more information and tickets, visit

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